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Show Opener

3 points

The first wrestler from the DropTheBelt Active Roster seen LIVE on the show. After the Then, Now, and Forever intro plays, or the first wrestler to appear on stage or in the ring. The first wrestler to appear in front of the LIVE audience. Whoever gets Show Opener must be on the active DropTheBelt Roster. We will not add a wrestler in this situation.

Recent Show Opener Points

All-time Show Opener Leaders

Wrestler Occurances Points
Roman Reigns 67 201
The Miz 54 158
Daniel Bryan 51 141
Paul Heyman 50 150
Stephanie McMahon 48 144
Seth Rollins 46 138
Triple H 46 126
Randy Orton 43 121
John Cena 39 105
Kofi Kingston 34 102