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Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns

Brand: SmackDown
162 Points this season
52 points last 30 days
Owned in 90.5 % of leagues
Cheer 70 %Boo 24 %

Current Titles

Universal Championship

WWE Championship

Recent Matches

Show Winner vs Loser Stipulation Title
6/17/2022 — SmackDown Roman Reigns Win Riddle Other Match Universal Championship
5/8/2022 — BackLash Roman Reigns Team Win Riddle Multiman Tag Team
4/2/2022 — WrestleMania Roman Reigns Win Brock Lesnar Champion VS Champion WWE Championship
2/19/2022 — Elimination Chamber Roman Reigns Win Goldberg Universal Championship
1/29/2022 — Royal Rumble Seth Rollins DQ Roman Reigns Universal Championship
12/3/2021 — SmackDown Roman Reigns Win Sami Zayn Universal Championship
11/21/2021 — Survivor Series Roman Reigns Win Big E Champion VS Champion
11/12/2021 — SmackDown King Woods DQ Roman Reigns Other Match
10/21/2021 — Crown Jewel Roman Reigns Win Brock Lesnar Universal Championship
9/26/2021 — Extreme Rules Roman Reigns Win Finn Balor Extreme Rules Universal Championship
9/24/2021 — SmackDown Roman Reigns Win Montez Ford
9/20/2021 — RAW Roman Reigns Win Bobby Lashley Triple Threat
9/20/2021 — RAW Roman Reigns Team Win King Woods Multiman Tag Team
9/3/2021 — SmackDown Roman Reigns Win Finn Balor Universal Championship
8/21/2021 — SummerSlam Roman Reigns Win John Cena Universal Championship
7/18/2021 — Money in the Bank Roman Reigns Win Edge Universal Championship
7/16/2021 — SmackDown Roman Reigns Team Win Edge Multiman Tag Team
6/18/2021 — SmackDown Roman Reigns Win Rey Mysterio Hell in a Cell Universal Championship
5/16/2021 — WrestleMania Backlash Roman Reigns Win Cesaro Universal Championship
4/30/2021 — SmackDown Roman Reigns Win Daniel Bryan Other Match Universal Championship