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Crossover Star

5 points

As a member of the other brands roster, appear on the opposite show. (Example: if Roman Reigns is drafted to SmackDown and appears on RAW, he will get crossover star points for that show). Once per show. Wrestlers listed as Superstar or Legend are exempt from this rule. RAW and SmackDown wrestlers only.

Recent Crossover Star Points

All-time Crossover Star Leaders

Wrestler Occurances Points
Shayna Baszler 25 125
Bayley 22 110
Sasha Banks 22 110
Lio Rush 21 105
Roman Reigns 18 90
Sami Zayn 18 90
Angelo Dawkins 17 85
Jey Uso 17 85
Jimmy Uso 17 85
Montez Ford 17 85