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WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Recap

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Kickoff Show

Fatal 4 Way #1 Contender Match

Mustafa Ali vs John Morrison vs Ricochet vs Elias

John Morrison defeated Mustafa AliRicochet and Elias in a Fatal 4 Way #1 Contender Match earning 30 points.

Show Opener

Kevin Owens earned Show Opener for Elimination Chamber 2021!

Elimination Chamber Match For Universal Title Shot

Kevin Owens vs Jey Uso vs Daniel Bryan vs Sami Zayn vs King Corbin vs Cesaro

Daniel Bryan and Cesaro started the match. The order of release from the Pods - King Corbin, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens then Jey Uso.

Cesaro eliminated King Corbin earning 4 Eliminator points.

Kevin Owens eliminated Sami Zayn earning 4 Eliminator points.

Jey Uso eliminated Kevin Owens earning 4 Eliminator points.

Jey Uso eliminated Cesaro earning 4 Eliminator points.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso in a #1 Contender Elimination Chamber Match earning 55 points. Daniel Bryan will face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship right now!

Universal Championship

Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan to remain Universal Champion earning 45 points. Edge came out and speared Reigns after the match pointing to the WrestleMania sign to send a message. Edge will be facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania for the Universal Championship!

Bad Bunny Taunts The Miz!

United States Championship

Bobby Lashley vs Riddle vs John Morrison

Riddle defeated Bobby Lashley and John Morrison to become the NEW United States Champion earning 70 points. Riddle pinned Morrison to get the win.

Riddle Celebrates!

Women's Tag Team Championship

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeated Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair to remain the Women's Tag Team Champions earning 35 points each.

We Are The Top Wrestlers!

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles vs Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston

Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton started the match. The order of release from the Pods - Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, AJ Styles, then Sheamus. Omos broke Styles out of his Pod and was Ejected!.

Kofi Kingston eliminated Randy Orton earning 4 Eliminator points.

Sheamus eliminated Kofi Kingston earning 4 Eliminator points.

Drew McIntyre eliminated Jeff Hardy earning 4 Eliminator points.

 AJ Styles eliminated Sheamus earning 4 Eliminator points.

Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles to remain WWE Champion in a Elimination Chamber Match earning 80 pointsBobby Lashley attacked McIntyre after the match. The Miz came out to cash in the Money In The Bank Contract.

WWE Championship (Money In The Bank Cash In)

The Miz defeated Drew McIntyre to become the NEW WWE Champion earning 70 points.

I Told You So!

Fade To Black 

The Miz earned Fade To Black to close out Elimination Chamber 2021!

WWE FastLane Announced For March 21, 2021!

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