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WWE No Way Out Predictions & Fantasy Analysis

Posted by: choke Jun 17, 2012 | 1149 views | 2 comments

Choke's predictions for tonight's PPV: WWE's No Way Out

Pre-Show match on YouTube:  David Otunga vs Brodus Clay:
As much as I'd love to see Otunga go over here, I don't think there's any way the WWE gives Brodus a loss at this juncture.  This match won't count in the fantasy scoring.

Prediction:  Brodus Clay wins

Christian vs Cody Rhodes for the IC Belt
Weird how far Cody has seemingly fallen from grace in the last month or two.  I do think he'll go onto bigger and better things than the IC Belt in the near future, but there's just no need for him to have the IC Belt again so soon.

Prediction:  Christian retains the IC Belt

Ricardo Rodriguez vs Santino in a Tuxedo Match
Obviously this will be the comedic entertainment of the night.  Actually going to go with a Ricardo Rodriguez win and I think this leads to an eventual US Title match with Ricardo taking it off Santino's hands sometime soon.   To be honest, I don't even know what this match exactly is (I don't believe F'n Jimmy's description)

Prediction:  Ricardo Rodriguez defeats Santino

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus is on a roll and Ziggler is a last minute fill in for Del Rio.   I just don't see the WWE giving Ziggler the belt here, though it'd be a pleasant surprise if they did.   ANYBODY CAN BE SHEAMUS.  

Prediction:  Sheamus retains the World Heavyweight Championship

Layla vs Beth Phoenix for the WWE Diva's Championship
Great buildup for this one.   =|     No one needs to see yet another Beth Phoenix title run.  I'm going to predict this every month because the WWE desparately needs it, but I think we see a Kharma appearance after Layla retains.

Prediction:  Layla retains
Bonus Prediction:  No one will care

Triple H  Addresses the Brock Lesnar situation
Not really sure what we're going to get with this.  I think we'll see Heyman but not Brock himself, and maybe some sort of match set up between Brock and HHH or an agent of HHHs?

Prediction:  HHH vs Brock Lesnar booked for Summerslam

CM Punk vs Kane and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship
Anytime you get Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in a match, expectations will be high for it to be the match of the night, and tonight is no different.  Lots of possibilities in this match with the involvement of AJ.  Though it might be somewhat obvious, I think the WWE is trying to swerve us into thinking Bryan has no interest in her any longer, and I think he sneaks away with the title after AJ somehow screws over Punk and/or Kane.

Prediction:  Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship

Big Show vs John Cena in a steel cage match 
Lots of additional storylines and potential interference in this one with Mr. Mcmahon, Big Johnny, and the firing stipulations (Cena fired if Show wins, John L fired if Cena wins).  I could see Vince returning to be the head person in charge for the move of RAW to be a 3 hour show in an attempt to boost ratings, and I think they'll somehow transition Big Show to be McMahon's henchman.

Prediction:  John Cena defeats Big Show

Fantasy impact and overall prediction:
While not strong on paper, there's the potential for some great matches (namely both Heavyweight Championships), and some potential in Rhodes vs Christian and hopefully some surprises in the HHH/Brock situation and the main event with Cena/Show.  Could end up being a sleeper PPV (either in that I'll be passed out by the 4th match or in that it'll actually be good.)   For fantasy impact I think Daniel Bryan owners will be happy, anyone who passed up an opportunity to pick up Ricardo Rodriguez will be disappointed, and those in leagues with Brock/HHH available will scramble to pick them up when they realize they're holding people like Hunico or Alicia Fox.   We'll probably see another Ryback squash over two Jimmy Jobbers, and I'm hoping we see Sandow and/or Antonio as well.


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