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WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Preview and Predictions

Posted by: choke Jun 29, 2014 | 1238 views | 4 comments

Not going to waste any time, let's get to predicting!

Pre-show:   Daniel Bryan speaks.    The fact that they're not doing a match means I think we'll see more than just Bryan giving us an update.   I think there's a very high chance that someone interrupts or confronts Bryan.   Since it was going to be Kane vs Bryan at this PPV originally, I think Kane is the safe choice.   If Bryan is cleared to wrestle, maybe the WWE sets up a Bryan/Kane match for the 8th spot in the MITB?   What a way to start the show off if that's the case!    But that's optimistic, we probably will just get an update that he'll be ready in a month or something.

MITB Match for the case:   Rollins vs Ambrose vs Swagger vs Kingston vs Barrett vs Ziggler vs RVD.    Alright let me rule out Kofi and Swagger right off the bat.   I shouldnt have to explain why.   Since this is the only briefcase up for grabs this year, and there's money in a guy carrying the case around for a long period of time, I'm also going to rule out RVD, Ziggler, and Ambrose because faces don't like to play the cash in the case game of running in and teasing it over and over again, which heels have perfected over the years.   I know we love dreaming of Ambrose winning the case and cashing it in before the end of the night, but I dont think the WWE will ever do that when only one case is in play (maybe if 2 cases were though) because there's no story going forward in that.  So, that leaves us with Rollins and Barrett.  As much as I think it'd make a very interesting story to give BNB the case injury and all, I have to go with the obvious choice of Rollins in this spot.   This match would have been MUCH more interesting with the likes of Bo Dallas, Rusev, Adam Rose or others who one could also realisticaly see winning it, but the match should still be entertaining with the talent involved.

Layla vs Summer Rae with Fandango as the special guest referee.   Does anyone really care about this match?   Odds stacked against her  seemingly, which makes it likely that Summer will pull out a win.   Maybe they'll re-ignite the Fandango Summer romance?   Boy wouldn't that be exciting.

Dust Brothers vs Rybaxel:   I expect the Dust brothers to split up eventually and finally give us the breakup/feud we've all been expecting for the last year, but now is not the time, and Rybaxel are not the opponents to do it against.    Star and Gold take it.

Big E vs Rusev:   This is a completely uninspiring feud.   I don't mind the Rusev squashing everyone stuff, but havent we seen these two go at it for months?   Still not convinced Big E will ever get the upper hand as that would ruin Rusev and it's much too early for that.   I dont think any other fans are buying that he has a chance either.   Rusev crush

The Usos vs Harper/Rowan for the Tag Team Championships:   The WWE has done a hell of a job setting this match up, and for the first time in months the Usos appear to have a legitimate threat to lose the belts.   Part of me thinks it might be a little early, but now with Goldust/Stardust I feel the WWE finally has another team to put against the Wyatts if they win, and I'm going to go ahead and call it.   Harper/Rowan take the tag belts.

Paige vs Naomi for the Divas championship:   I know a lot of people are still hype over Paige, but I still don't get it.    Is it the WWE's fault?   Probably.   They havent given us any reason to care about any of the feuds she's been thrown in, and even in the title matches she gets, the other aspect of the match takes precedence:   Alicia with her after match antics and now Cameron/Naomi splitting up for this feud.   Can't we just make it about the Divas title?    I can't believe I just said that.    I dont think the WWE has given up on Paige yet, so I'll go with the retention.

MITB match for the WWE Unified Titles:   Reigns vs Orton vs Kane vs Cesaro vs Sheamus vs Cena vs Wyatt vs. Del Rio:

Let's rank them in least likely to most likely to win.   I love this match by the way

8.  Del Rio:   I do like the way they tried to establish him as a legit threat to win, but come on
7.  Sheamus:   Barring some crazy heel turn, they're not giving him all that gold
6.  Cesaro:  I'd love for this upset to happen, but it's just not realistic.   Too soon
5.  Orton:  He had his run, no one is clamoring for another run so soon
4.  Kane:  Only because of the possibility for them to wrap up the Daniel Bryan/Kane feud once Bryan returns healthy, which seems to be soon.   Plus maybe he's retiring soon and that would be a nice gesture to give him the belts, even if only for a month or less
3.  Reigns:  Just way too obvious a choice, and there's much more money in him chasing the belts vs just getting it this quickly.
2.  John Cena:  I think he's considered the favorite,and I wouldnt be shocked if he did win it since there's clearly a lot they can do with him as champ (Wyatt, the Authority, etc), but I'm going with a bit of an upset with
1.  Bray Wyatt:  I just love all the possibilites with this.   Clearly Wyatt is over with the crowd, and he's feuding against Sheamus currently, has history with Cena, has history with Bryan,   Lots to work with.    What makes me question my own pick is that he's not really been involved in the Authority storyline, which makes me wonder if its not his time yet.   Though how awesome would it be if Kane helps Wyatt win and they branch Wyatt off as feuding against the Authority AND all the faces?    Then bring back AJ Lee to be his girlfriend and they can run the WWE for the next 6 months.

I know, I'm dreaming.

Overall the show looks weak on paper outside of the MITB matches and the tag match, but isnt that enough?   For me it is.   Highly looking forward to one of the best PPVs the WWE puts on each year.




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