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Smackdown Not So Instant Fantasy Analysis - 7/21/2012

Posted by: choke Jul 22, 2012 | 972 views | 0 comments

Who's rising, who's falling after this week's Smackdown?

Another disappointing Smackdown.  Awful storyline development, but maybe they're just saving their big guns for Monday's show and Summerslam.  Let's hope.


1.  Primetime Players - I know, I'm really awful at going back and forth with how the WWE is handling these two, but it looks like they'll be constantly having AW going to the WWE brass to get things for them, which I think is good, so when they lose a big match he can get them rematches and the like.   I really am enjoying them in the ring and AW commenting throughout their matches.   I'm back on board officially (okay until next week when the WWE will have them lose clean to the Usos)
2.  Rey Mysterio - Yup, right back to the top of the food chain.
3.  AJ Lee - They need to really embrace her being back with Bryan and not teeter between her going with him or some face (Punk, Kane).   THEN they need to have her beat Layla to mix up the Divas division.   


1.  Daniel Bryan - Obviously still a great hold, but damn, I relaly thought he'd be taking the title off Punk.  Now he's back to fighting Kane?  If he's away from the WWE or World title hunt for the next several months, you have to be disappointed with the potential fantasy output
2.  Zack Ryder - Another one I keep going back and forth on, but holy crap did they just have Sandow BURY him.   I did not expect that.   Figured we'd see those two go at it for a while and trade wins, or at the worst for Ryder have him give Sandow some trouble before getting a loss.   Still not sure what on earth the WWE wants from this guy

on to 1000!


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