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Royal Rumble Entrant Want List

Posted by: goukijones Jan 22, 2018 | 808 views | 17 comments

Every time this year we get hundreds of comments and responses online about who to add for the Royal Rumble.  Doink was flying over the city of Philidelphia, he's gonna be in the rumble!  Somebody saw Rick Rude eating a Philly Cheesesteak in Chicago... it's a sign!  Jericho signed a deal, MVP is back, Undertaker has 1 more match in him.  Now Jericho and the Undertaker are currently on the roster, but we do not want to add a bunch of wrestlers on a 'Maybe.'  This is the time for surprise returns and special guest appearances, but they won't score you any long-term points this season DTB.  Draft and trade accordingly.

With all that said, we will be adding a few people over the next 24 hours.  Only after the RAW trade window closes and before it opens again on Wednesday.  We will add Rhonda Rousey, so far she's the only one.  If you have any suggestions on who to add, please leave a comment and the most credible source you can find on the return of said wrestler.

Thanks for playing and let's go ROYAL RUMBLE!


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