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NXT & AEW Fantasy Leagues Coming to DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling

Posted by: goukijones Aug 28, 2019 | 773 views | 6 comments

Exciting New Updates for DropTheBelt Subscribers and Members.  We are currently working on 2 new Fantasy Wrestling games that will add different leagues to DTB.  First up we are racing against the clock to have the NXT Fantasy League ready to go on September 18th.  NXT will not be included with the current WWE game. Next will be the AEW Fantasy League that we will  launch before October 2nd.

Both new games will have separate rosters and schedules.  We are working to have both shows ready to go when they launch this fall giving DropTheBelt more Fantasy Wrestling games for you to enjoy.  The first season will be a BETA and will end before the New Year. 

Matchmaking and Private leagues will be available.  Access to Matchmaking and Commissionership will only be available for DropTheBelt Subscribers.  Plans will start at $5.99.  If you are currently subscribed to DropTheBelt for $9.99 you will get access to 1 of the 2 new leagues (your choice) included into your current plan.  Subscribers paying $14.99 will get access to all 3 leagues. (Super Saver Deal!)  Members can still join any Commissioner League for free!

NXT will not be scored with our current WWE game. However, wrestlers can still receive Crossover Points as long as they are currently listed on the DTB roster as NXT or 205Live. Any wrestler that appears on another show (Crossover Points) will then be added to the roster of that show to be available for draft or trade.

We look forward to sharing all the exciting new DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling additions and will keep you posted as the updates go LIVE. Thanks for playing.


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