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No Way Out and WWE Raw Fantasy Impact Analysis (6/18/2012)

Posted by: choke Jun 18, 2012 | 1133 views | 0 comments

Who's rising, who's falling after last night's PPV and tonight's episode of RAW

Average PPV and terrible RAW.   Let's hope they can come up with some interesting feuds for MITB next month.   Not holding my breath.

1.  Chris Jericho -  Back next week.   Looks like the Fozzy tour isn't going to affect him as bad as some were thinking.
2.  Prime Time Players -  Or is it Playas?  Or is it Playaz?  Either way, due to Truth's injury I think we see a title change soon.   I personally loved the swerve with A.W.
3.  Ricardo Rodriguez - Okay this will be the last time I mention him on the rising list until he wins the US Title as I predict he will, promise

Others:  Ryback going to get 3 jobbers to beat next?  Just what we all want/need.   AJ continues to make me <3 <3 <3 and I'm sticking with my Divas title run prediction (but will it happen by Summerslam?).  Sin Cara continues to roll as expected, as well as Sheamus, Punk, and Cena

1.  Swagger - I thought they'd give him Vickie to at least let him retain SOME heat since he has no charisma.   Instead Ziggler keeps Vickie and Swagger leaves with nothing.
2.  Laurinaitis - I do think Johnny will still get some TV time in a new role yet to be determined, but I think it will be more limited than he is now
3.  Zack Ryder - It's official, REALLY official this time.   They were in Jersey and he can't get a match on Raw or the PPV? He instead gets a win on Superstars over McIntyre.   Wow.

Others:  Epico and Primo's prospects to win the tag belts dropped considerably at the PPV.  Beth Phoenix loses her hopefully final chance to win the Divas belt for a while.  Where will Cody go from here?  


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