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New Rule Changes Survivor Series Season 2017 Nerf 205 Live Poll (Not Final)

Posted by: goukijones Sep 7, 2017 | 1399 views | 51 comments

Official Rule changes taking place during the Survivor Series 2017 Season.

Tag Team Wins are now worth 20 Points for BOTH Wrestlers.  This is +5 for that win now.

The Women's Championships have been raised to 40 points for winning and 20 points for retaining, to match the value of the Men's IC and US Championships.  This is a +15 and a +5 for the Women's Championships.

"Looking on ..."  Will now read: 5 points. Watching a match on TV while backstage or from a Skybox.

We will not be adding points for "Sketches".

Nerfing 205 Live.  We'd like to try something different with 205 Live.  We want to hear your opinion before we make any final decisions, please vote on the poll and leave any additional comments below.  On Saturday we'll make a FINAL DECISION and post it on this page.

Thank you.  Good luck this season.  Draft accordingly!



Sep 7, 2017 by goukijones

How would you like to see points adjusted for 205 Live?

Score like a PPV pre-show. Match results only. No bonus points. — 22% (13 votes)


Remove stipulation points from matches on 205 Live. — 5% (3 votes)


Do nothing with 205 Live. It's perfect! — 73% (44 votes)


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