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Mysterio's Mysterious illness, Dibiase in? Fantasy report

Posted by: choke Oct 17, 2012 | 1150 views | 6 comments

Some news on Rey Mysterio and how it effects the Tag Team Division

According to a new update on, Rey Mysterio will be unable to travel to Egypt for the Smackdown tour there.  This is scheduled to happen tomorrow through Saturday.   As you remember, Mysterio was unable to go Monday for the Tag Team Tournament finals so we were treated to Epico/Primo instead.  in this case, Ted Dibiase is taking Mysterio's place in Egypt.

Now it's quite possible Mysterio will be fine by Monday, and the tag tourney will go off as scheduled, but one has to consider that it still might not happen and this "illness" will cause the WWE to replace Mysterio yet again.   There are two options in this case:  Ted Dibiase since he's replacing Mysterio in Egypt, or Brodus Clay, who replaced Mysterio at a house show on the 12th of this month.

Either way, what does this mean for the Fantasy league?

Well, it can't instill confidence to Mysterio owners.  Not that it was likely they'd beat Rhodes Scholars anyhow, you still want to see your guy out there on TV to pick up possible bonus points.  Plus there's the high likelihood that this is something a lot more serious than a simple flu and it's being covered up by the WWE.   At this point it's a "wait and see" ruling for Mysterio, but each show he misses should cause more and more concern.

As far as Brodus and Dibiase:  I don't like the prospect of picking them up for the replacement factor.  Maybe if the tag team champs were currently heels I might talk myself into the possibility of them pushing whatever replacement team they come up with for Sin Cara, but since we have Hell No on top, it's almost a certainty we'll see a heel team advance.

TO SUMMARIZE:  Rhodes Scholars are about to get a lot of points.

[UPDATED] Oct 18, 2012 4:08:38 PM

Oct 18, 2012 by choke

Update:  Rey posted the following on twitter

Would like to apologize to all the fans out in Cairo for not being able to attend the tour due to a serious illness!

This still all seems weird to me.  Who on earth refers to their being sick so vaguely?   If I'm shitting my guts out for a week, and I come back to work, I don't tell everyone "Hey guys, I'm back from my serious illness"



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