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Evolution Special Scoring Update

Posted by: goukijones Sep 15, 2018 | 597 views | 10 comments

Hello DropTheBelt Members,

Here's how we plan on scoring the the Mae Young Classic Finals and NXT Championship matches during the Women's Evolution PPV.

These 4 superstars appearing on the PPV will be added to the roster before the Trade Window opens up the week of Evolution.  Sometime Monday night after RAW goes live and the Trade Window has closed they will be activated and available to queue for Pick Up.

Reminder we do not generally score NXT matches.

No titles or special stipulations will be added for these matches.

All Wrestlers will receive PPV Star Points.
The winners will receive the traditional 20 points for a victory.
Both matches will be an “Other Stipulation” bonus

We do not want these 2 one-time matches on a PPV to offset any member's season on DropTheBelt.  Therefore we think this is fair if somebody wants to make the trade gamble that week.  The winner of either of these matches will only be able to score 25 points for the match.

Please leave any questions below.
Thanks for playing DropTheBelt.


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