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DtB Fantasy Wrestling Season Buy One, Get One Free!

Posted by: goukijones Oct 30, 2017 | 636 views | 3 comments

Between now and Survivor Series if you sign up for a DtB Fantasy Wrestling league you will get one season added on to your league.  This works for both packages.  Buy 1 season get a bonus season.  Buy 3 seasons and get 1 bonus season.  If you buy now you can play the end of the Survivor Series season and play the Wrestlemania season for just 1 price.  If you buy 3 seasons, you will be able to play all the way through this time next year. (Expires 11/20/2017) is now approaching 13,000 players!  There are 3 seasons a year.  Live scoring for every PPV and Network Special.  Rule changes and updates between each season.  Interactive website and dev communication and most importantly and very wonderful and unique Wrestling Fan community.  Draft today!


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