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DropTheBelt Help Page Update

Posted by: goukijones Jan 11, 2018 | 634 views | 2 comments

Hello Everyone,
We wanted to let you guys know that he help page had been updated and is now more interactive with the DTB staff.  Now, this doesn’t mean to fill out a help request when you have a scoring dispute or a question about a ruling.  Try to keep that stuff on the results page for that specific show and we will review it.

Before this WrestleMania season started and after the Survivor Series season ended, we had over 370 help requests.  We’re hoping our new system will be able to process those faster.  Joe aka BatRastered handles all of the coding, so you need a league combined or reactivated, etc., he’ll be taking care of that.  All other inquiries will be answered by myself or other members of the DTB staff.  

A comments section will be available on your help request and you will receive direct responses from the staff.

In other news regarding help, we will be updating the FAQ and review a lot of details about the rules.  No rules will change during the season, but we will be making the verbiage a little more clear.

Thanks for playing and we hope you guys are enjoying the new season!


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