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Choke's WWE Smackdown 10/31/2014 Preview: Ambrose vs Cesaro highlight a decent show on paper. Trick or treat?

Posted by: choke Oct 30, 2014 | 945 views | 3 comments

Ah, the halloween show.   I can't say I don't look forward to the Divas costumes, but outside of that it actually looks like a promising show.   Let's get on with the preview.

Just a reminder, I pull these each week from and I do not read spoilers.  These are all guesses, and sometimes terribly bad guesses at that

1.  Divas costume battle royal to become the #1 contender:    Hm, so many options.   Well with AJ still champ you've got to like one of the heels.   Will it be Nikki Bella with the help of Brie?   Or maybe Paige again?   I actually lean Alicia Fox to win it so they have some nice triple-threat potential with her, AJ, and Paige.  Nikki is a close runner up for my pick though.  

2.  Dolph Ziggler vs Kane in a non-title match:   Obviously to further the Survivor Series team stuff.   Guessing Rollins comes out to interfere, Cena saves him, and we end up with a Cena/Ziggler vs Kane/Rollins.   Oh and expect a LOT more of that in the next month.   We'll be seeing all kinds of handicap tags, 6 man tags, and regular tag matches between Cena's potential team and the authority.   If that match happens, Orton will come out and screw it up for the Authority.

3.  Ryback vs Heath Slater:   RYBACK CRUSH.   

4.  Mark Henry appears on Miz TV.   To explain his heel turn.   Big Show shows up and chairs get tipped over.

5.  Goldust and Stardust vs Los Matadores in a non-title match:    this makes me happy.  Mostly because I have Goldust and Stardust and a feud against the Matadores means a likely title defense win in the future!   As much as I hate Torito and the Matadores gimmick as a whole, they're not too bad in the ring and the matches they have could be solid as long as they dont get too silly.   I think Matadores take it in an "upset" to set up a title match down the line.   Thinking they continue the Usos vs Miz/Mizdow for the time being btw.

6.  Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro:   It's like my wrestling wet dream!   I will regret typing that line at some point in my life.   So yeah, this should be great no?   So either Ambrose goes over clean, or Bray causes him the loss, but Cesaro obviously wont get a clean win.   I'll go with Ambrose winning, then Wyatt attacking or yelling something at him that sounds like an old vinyl record in reverse.   In all seriousness I'm still the only one who loves Bray Wyatt's promos, so I'll be happy.

OVERALL:   Not as bad on paper as most Smackdowns seem to me.   Lots of potential furthering of story and development of feuds, and of course you can't go wrong in theory with Ambrose and Cesaro squaring off.   Oh yeah and AJ Lee and Paige in whatever costumes they might be wearing could be worth the price of admission ($9.9....   free!) alone.   Only 2 shots of Jameson required out of 5!






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