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Choke's WWE Raw rant and Smackdown Preview 7/29/2013 - 8/2/2013

Posted by: choke Aug 1, 2013 | 1582 views | 3 comments

A review of this week's RAW, and a preview of tomorrow night's Smackdown (no match result spoilers)

Some quick thoughts about RAW:   Still not sure where they're going with the Shield for Summerslam.   I'm glad they beat the Usos so we shouldn't have to see that again, and I still think we're ultimately going to see Henry pair up with some other wrestler (gonna go with Sheamus as the guess for now) to battle Rollins/Reigns.   Given that none of those 4 have a match scheduled for Friday, maybe it gets set up now?

Can't believe Kaitlyn is right back in the picture for the Divas belt.   Though supposedly she has a title match tomorrow.   Guessing she loses that and then gets written out?   Will we find out the next contender for AJ?   I see it's Kaitlyn with Layla tomorrow night.... will we see a Layla heel turn on Kaitlyn, or perhaps just setting up for Layla/AJ?   The Kane/Wyatts non-reveal was disappointing.  So after all that, they just attack him again?   I still think this could lead to a Kane turn at some point, but that was way too fast for way too little.  WWE needs to hire someone to post the results on their site who actually watches the match.   If you didnt catch it, Axel clearly didn't get a victory on Truth before Punk interfered, but WWE said Axel beat Truth in the match.   How dare they tarnish R-Truth's incredible record with a loss to Axel!   

By the way, Total Divas is mad entertaining.   I might have enjoyed it more than RAW.   Unfortunately I'm not kidding.

Smackdown preview (no spoilers). yet again didn't post the no result spoilers for this episode.  I had to ask a friend to tell me the matches and he very well could have fucked things up.   Please correct me if I get anything wrong (and without telling me the winners)

1.  Jack Swagger (w/Zeb) vs Cody Rhodes:  Hard to picture Cody losing unless Sandow gets involved which is of course possible.   I'll still say Cody wins and Sandow comes out after.   Schmozz is also a possibility.

2.  Big E vs Sin Cara:   Or will it be Zig Cara!?!  I'll say no and that Big E gets a decisive victory mainly because Ziggy has a match later this evening.   

3.  Fandango vs CM Punk:   Clearly Fandango wont win, the only question is will he actually take a pinfall loss, or will he walk away, or will Axel or Heyman get Punk the DQ?   I'll go with the Axel/Heyman possibility.

4.  Kaitlyn (w/Layla) vs AJ (I believe this is for the Divas title):    I've predicted this a few times, but I think this will be the final chance for Kaitlyn for some time to come.   Though an argument for that not being the case is that there's not really many other viable options at the moment.   It's about time we see something from Layla as I mentioned above, maybe a heel turn or her challenging AJ after Kaitlyn loses.   I'll go bold and predict a Layla turn on Kaitlyn.....   Either way my LOCK OF THE WEEK is that AJ retains

5.  Christian vs RVD vs Randy Orton (I believe this is for the #1 contender against Del Rio).   Interesting match.  I think what will happen here is that the two that lose it will end up in a match against each other at Summerslam.   So Christian will "cost" Orton the match, allowing RVD to win, and then they book Christian vs Orton for SS.   Fuck it, I'll go with that.   I just don't like Christian for Del Rio's opponent because I don't think people buy into him yet, but then again I didnt think they'd give him a win on Raw either....

6.  Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio:  I'd think Big E will interfere somehow to further that feud and try to make us all forget that Dolph should be World Champ!   No but seriously Bertie is doing a great job as champ IMO.   I'll go with my Big E interference prediction followed by a Big E/Del Rio beatdown of Ziggy after, then a save by RVD so we can get a RVD/Ziggler vs Big E/Del Rio for next week's smackdown.   Yes I'm seriously predicting that much based solely on seeing this match listed.      None of it will actually happen.   EDIT:   This was apparently a dark match


1.  Bella Twins/Funkadactyls:   I've been calling for this for a while too, but I think the success(?) of the Total Divas show will "force" the WWE to showcase them more.   I think Brie getting a win over Natty on Monday was just the start.   Maybe in lieu of an AJ match at Summerslam they'll just do a tag team match with these two?    

2.  Kofi Kingston:  . Now this doesnt always mean the poster is a predicator of what will actually happen, but I find it hard to believe they'd okay this poster to be used for a guy who is completely out of the picture if he wasnt planning on coming back soon.    This probably wont help for the rest of the season though, but I'd rather hold onto him right now and hope he returns in the next few weeks than say a 3MB member....

3.   I dont have anyone here, but I just had a great (okay it's stupid) idea.   Did the WWE have Cody throw Sandow's case into the ocean only to have __________ show up one day with the case to cash it in?   AQUAMAN perhaps?   Okay it's kinda stupid, but I like the total up in the air randomness they can get away with by having any random superstar come in and say they found the case at some pawn shop in Delaware 2 months from now


1.  John Cena:   If you have to buy them a car to make them happy, you're doing it wrong

2.  Ziggler:   I should have brought this up weeks ago, and he's obviously still a good hold, but for a guy who was almost universally accepted as a top 3 pick for this season, he's sure been disappointing.   Him seemingly not being involved in any major title match to close the season out is just injury to insult

3.  Fandango:   Where do they go from here outside of having him run away or lose pretty much every match he's in?   He's lost 4 in a row if you havent been keeping track....


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