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Choke's WWE Raw Rant and Smackdown Preview 6/3/2013 - 6/07/2013

Posted by: choke Jun 7, 2013 | 2606 views | 3 comments

I take a look at Monday's RAW, and preview tonight's Smackdown (no match spoilers)

Don't recall too much from RAW, which certainly isn't praise.  Even looking over the results most of it seems forgettable. I dont care if HHH competes or not, and I sure as heck didnt need to see a 5th match between Del Rio and Langston within a 3 week period, or Sheamus destroying another singles opponent.

The Wyatt clan seems to be growing by the vignette, with some female strewn about a tree branch.   Has the Internet cracked her identity yet?   I probably wouldn't know her either way.

Still not sure what they have planned for the US or Tag belts at Payback though I'm very interested in what they come up with.  Some sort of Hell No with Orton vs Shield 6 man tag and if any member of the Shield is pinned they lose their belts?   Surely they wont do Ambrose Orton for the US right?   another Hell No vs Reigns/Rollins for the tags?   I'm confused.

Here's what's going on tonight on Smackdown (some of which I made those predictions above on)

1.  MizTV with guests Orton, Bryan and Kane.   Looking at #6, I'm guessing they get into an argument and Daniel Bryan says that he could team with Orton and beat the Shield to prove he's not the weak link?
2.  Jericho vs Axel - Gotta end in schmozz or some ridiculous win for Axel.  Is this the preface for Axel taking CM Punk's place at Payback?   Or will Heyman or some sort of Punk fakeout get Jericho counted out or DQd?
3.  Del Rio vs Slater - Gee I wonder who wins.   Don't think we'll get Ziggler yet, but maybe a quick outside the ring presence?   
4.  Ryback vs Kane - Ryback has to go over.  
5.  Fandango vs Zack Ryder - Sure we'll see Barrett and/or Miz at ringside.   Fandango still goes over clean
6.  Reigns/Rollins vs Bryan/Orton - Will they give Orton and Bryan a weird win to start a "Kane is the weak link" run of segments?  Will Shield simply go over clean?   Will Bryan screw things up again?  WILL ORTON TURN HEEL?  (okay not yet)   Actually relatively interested in this match, but unfortunately it's the only one of the night I can say that about

1.  Daniel Bryan - He's started the season off slow, but man, those pops he still gets!   I think he will shine once the split with Kane is complete soon (my guess is after Payback)
2.  Bellas - They're getting them officially in the mix with AJ/Kaitlyn.   Setting up for an AJ face turn against them?   I actually have no idea what they're doing, but I also think the E! show will help their push
3.  The Usos - I mean, they're kinda on a roll.  LOL

1.  Kofi Kingston - This is late news obviously, but drop him if you got him
2.  Rhodes Scholars - Last thing these two needed was a feud against Sheamus.  Then you got heel tag champs, I mean what are they going to do?   MITB?  Maybe.
3.  Kaitlyn - Writing's on the wall with either an AJ or Bella title run coming up soon IMO.   Probably soon after the secret admirer deal gets revealed this Monday supposedly.


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