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Choke's WWE Raw Rant and Smackdown Preview 6/10/2013 - 6/14/2013

Posted by: choke Jun 12, 2013 | 1146 views | 2 comments

A recap of the happenings on RAW and a preview of this week's Smackdown

Pretty average edition of RAW IMO.   Yeah Bryan vs Rollins almost made up for a lot of the other schlock, but I still felt as a whole the show was uninspired.   I was intrigued where they were going with the Curtis Axel/HHH/McMahons stuff (and the now highly talked about Drop the Belt Curtis Axel double DQ/Forfeit controversy of 2013), but it just leading to a big hug it out felt like a waste of time.  Way too many matches with the Shield end in schmozzes nowadays.  It's cool if maybe one out of every 6 or so do, but it seems like 2/3 end in a DQ of some form or fashion and its getting old.  Still relatively excited for the Ambrose/Kane and RK-No vs Rollins/Reigns at Payback.  I can't help myself with these guys.

Smackdown looks like more of the same unfortunately.   WE NEED BRAY WYATT.   Here are my predictions (I give you my word I have not looked at the spoilers)

1.  Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro -  Ugh.   Antonio trying to make it 1 for 30 in his matches against Sheamus.  I dont like his chances even with Colter at ringside
2.  Khali vs Heath Slater - Really?  On the go home show before a PPV?  Can someone explain this? Please tell me this wont end up with some Khali/Horny/Natty vs 3MB match at Payback.  Please tell me I'm insane thinking this.   At least give us some Bellas interference or something.   Going with a Khali win just because WTF
3.  Zigg E Langston vs Y2Si (Jericho/Del Rio).   Only two ways this can go (cue BatRastered predicting it going one of the other ways):  Del Rio gets the win setting up his World Title shot on Sunday, or some sort of CM Punk distraction from Heyman or on the video screen gives Jericho the loss.   Giving Jericho the win does nothing, neither does a Ziggler/Langston victory without some sort of Punk distraction.  Schmozz potential isn't out of the question.
4.  Kaitlyn vs Aksana - I mean obviously we'll get some AJ interference or AJ will run out afterwards.   Kaitlyn has to get the win though
5.  Wade Barrett vs Curtis Axel in a non-title match - Axel has to get the win, probably as a result of the Miz who will more than likely be ringside somehow screwing over Barrett (count out?), or maybe Miz hits Axel somehow giving him the DQ "victory"?   Either way there's no way Barrett gets a victory here.
6.  The Shield vs R-Kane-No (fuck me) - Um, probably schmozz, but there will definitely be a point where a) the faces are giving the heels a run for the money and b) where Orton and Bryan get into it a little bit ("HOW CAN THESE TWO FUNCTION AS A TEAM ON SUNDAY!?!?!?" will scream the announcers)   Could really go either way if they don't do a schmozz, but more than likely the faces would go over to put the thought in our minds that they have a chance at the belts Sunday.   So yeah, Ambrose probably pins Orton.  j/k

Bonus:  Main event tonight has Miz vs Rhodes (Miz should win barring a Barrett/Axel interference), Sin Cara vs Sandow (Sandow should win), and Tons of Funk vs the Usos (actually an interesting match.  Will this give us the next #1 contenders for the tags?)

1.  Curtis Axel - I mean he's already been a point machine with this whole "undefeated" thing he's got going, but this Sunday will be very interesting.  Fandango had to be considered the favorite going into the Triple Threat, so does that make Axel the favorite now?   Seems weird to thrust him in the match only to have him lose.   Unless something happens to take him out prior to the match even starting (HHH?)
2. Antonio Cesaro - Has picked up his first couple of wins for the season in the last 2-3 weeks.   More importantly, with Colter singing his praises it's possible he's got a push coming.   How about a Colter stable with Cesaro, Swagger, and Sandow?   Wake me I'm dreaming
3.  Daniel Bryan - I just have to include him.   Holy shit he is so over right now.   If a new season started tomorrow, I'd have him so high on my list, you have no idea.   I like his chance for the World Title again within the next 3-4 months.  

Also:  Mark Henry is back next week!   Sheamus is unstoppable in this game, and the Shield, though disappointing the last few weeks, have a big Sunday of probable retention points.

1.  Fandango - Tough for Johnny here.  I mean he was the odds on favorite to capture the stale IC Belt, and now he's off the show and an undefeated and uber-pushed Curtis Axel is taking his spot?   Let's say the WWE was planning to give Fandango the belt, now what???  And as anyone holding Ziggler can atest, these concussions can be no joke.   
2.  Jack Swagger - Seems to be a complete afterthought now, and with Colter singing the praises of Cesaro on Monday, does that mean Swagger is out for a while?   Milk Carton Alert Part 1.
3.  Wade Barrett - Totally underutilized, and this is coming from not the biggest Wade fan.   I actually would rank him 3rd out of the triple threat in giving a chance to win.   Axel seems like the favorite, and if he somehow gets written out of the match or taken out during it for some reason, I like Miz.   So where does that leave Wade from here?

Also:  Kaitlyn seems likely to lose Sunday, Kane seems like an odd man out now storyline wise, Sin Cara and R Truth are glorified jobbers.

Check back this weekend for my Payback preview and predictions!


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