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Choke's WWE Raw rant & Smackdown Preview 11/4/2013 - 11/8/2013

Posted by: choke Nov 7, 2013 | 1238 views | 1 comments

A look back at the last two weeks of wrestling action, and a non match result spoiler look at Smackdown this week.

I'm back!  From the swarm of e-mails and tweets I've received the last two weeks while on vacation, I know I was missed.   Okay so I didn't receive any except for one guy who tweeted me the EXACT list of winners from Hell in a Cell.   Is this the next Nostradamus?   Well he probably was just looking at the odds from any gambling site on the web, which were the exact same and also 100% correct.   So until he sends me something I can make money on, I'm not exactly impressed.      Pardon the long story today, I have two weeks to catch up on.


Let's talk about Hell in a Cell.   I still havent seen any of it, but the results didn't leave me feeling I missed much.  None of the result seemed particularly surprising though personally I thought the Goldust/Rhodes run would be short (putting them in chase mode to regain) so I was wrong there.  I also thought Brie had a good chance to win the Divas belt.   

Next night on Raw I was upset to have missed the Sandow cash in attempt.   From what I saw I liked how they did it, and though I am a big fan of his, the way the WWE has sold him the last year I don't think it would have been smart to put the title on him so Cena retaining didnt surprise at all.   Hell just the week before I had Sandow on my falling list saying I didnt think he'd be successful.   My first correct prediction of the year!   We also got the return of Kane corporation style who should be a terror with points throughout the rest of the season.   Also are the Shield disbanding soon??  Seems at least that Reigns might be....   On a lesser note the Real Americans get a nice non-title win over Rhodes/Dust and Big E gets yet another DQ victory over Ambrose.   The US and IC belt remain worthless.   I dont see anything worth reporting on last week's Smackdown

This week's RAW

Kofi gets buried, Big E after weeks of being built up gets kinda buried.  How shocking was it that he beat out Ziggler?   I actually thought he'd be 3rd on the list.   That speaks pretty well for him though IMO (and how badly does that speak for Ziggler?  yikes).   Is it me or does it not make sense to have Cena keep winning.   I mean I know that's just how the WWE operates, but if you want to give any sort of sense that he might lose, you shouldnt have him steamroll each and every heel he comes across on any show.   I'm so naive that I actually think they'll do things like let Sandow pin him in a 6 man tag to at least give the illusion Sandow has a chance to beat him in the future?   And why are the Real Americans losing in those same 6 man tags?   Shouldnt they be continuously beating Goldust/Rhodes to show that they "have their number" for a future tag match?   the Big Show lawsuit stuff is just awful.   Is anyone excited for that WWE Title match?   OH AND TYSON KIDD IS BACK

Predictions for Smackdown

As always these are from

1.  Curtis Axel vs CM Punk in a non-title match.   Well we should see the Wyatt clan here, but probably not until Punk gets a win.   The question with the Punk/Bryan vs Wyatts is whether this will turn into a Survivor Series match or just stay a tag team thing.  If it turns Survivor Series, then maybe it'll be Heyman's bunch with the Wyatts vs some assortment of faces.   If that's the case the stage could be set here.   Otherwise probably Punk winning, a Wyatt beatdown, and a Bryan save.

2.  Usos and R-Truth vs 3MB:    WHY.   Hard to see 3MB ever winning matches, so I'll go with Usos and R-Truth.   Go Jimmy!

3.  Cameron and Naomi vs AJ and Tamina:   The divas division remains completely unpredictable (and awful).   Are they going with the Bellas still against AJ?   Natalya?   Is this the start of a new Title feud against maybe Naomi?  I still think they'll run with a Bella Twin or Natalya in the "spotlight" feud for the division, so AJ and Tamina should get the win.

4.  Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper:   Well if the Wyatt clan doesnt come out in the first match, then this is where all the action will happen with Punk probably coming out for the save.   No harm in giving Bryan the clean win over the solo clan member, but more likely a DQ win for Bryan

5.  The Great Khali vs Alberto Del Rio:   Del Rio in LOCK OF THE WEEK STATUS.   Good lord this looks like an awful, awful show.   Are you excited for Survivor Series yet?

6.  John Cena vs Ryback:   I'm assuming this is non title.   I'm assuming that doesnt really matter.   Del Rio still needs his rematch and Sandow is still somewhat looming, so you can't start another Cena/Ryback feud by giving Ryback a win here, and thankfully that's the case.   Cena with an easy win, then Del Rio and/or Sandow probably come out to attack after to set up the match for Survivor Series


1.  Kane:  Obviously this is a week late, and not that you needed me to tell you anyway, but if he was/is available, you should really, really pick him up
2.  Big E Langston:   I know I mentioned him the last story I did, but he's picked up some really nice points since.  WWE seems to be giving him quite the push now and I bet he's still available in some leagues out there
3.  Tyson Kidd/Natalya:   I mean come on how are they NOT going to run with a program against Fandango and Summer Rae for the next few months?   Mixed tag matches are money in this league.   On that note:
4.  Summer Rae:   Seems like she's full time wrestling now.   A true sleeper who is probably better than Zeb Colter, Paul Heyman, or others I've seen some teams have
5.  Nikki Bella:   Okay I know there are a lot of divas on this list, but she was out of in-ring action for a while, and it seems like she's back, plus with Total Divas back on air, I could see her getting some shine.   Will probably end the season with more points than Kofi or the Miz.   Though speaking of the Miz:
6.  The Miz:   I mean he's available in my league, and while I'm not picking him up yet, in some overseas show he came out and was a heel against Kofi.   I do think this is the direction they're going with him, having him get trounced by the major heels so he can come back as a heel himself in a "you all booed me!" fashion.   If that's the case when he returns I like his point potential.   


1.  Brie Bella:   Well I thought she was going to win at HIAC, and now it looks like they MIGHT be moving on to Natalya or any number of other divas to take over in the main feud against AJ.   Still a wait and see type deal and probably worth holding onto anyway, but I don't like her point potential nearly as much anymore
2.  Kofi Kingston:   He's sort of taken that Miz-like role of jobber to the stars lately.   He's one of those guys who can all the sudden break out at any moment and get into a US/IC feud, but for now he's dead weight on a team
3.  Dolph Ziggler:  Unbelievably lost a WWE Poll to Big E Langston.   What is happening here?





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