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Choke's WWE Raw rant & Smackdown Preview 11/25/2013 - 11/29/2013

Posted by: choke Nov 27, 2013 | 1217 views | 3 comments

So Survivor Series was awful, right?   They waste Mark Henry on Ryback, have zero title changes, and give us one of the most predictable PPVs we've seen since... well since last month's.   RAW unfortunately wasn't much better.   While I do think the Orton/Cena "unification", even though it's not clear if it'll actually be a unification or just to have both belts, is a better match than expected for TLC (okay not a better match, but can we all at least agree we do NOT want that match for Mania?)  so at least there's that.    The only other item worth mentioning is how Roman Reigns may have just become a superstar right before our eyes.  Now it's been building for a while IMO, as the Shield has been seemingly as popular as several of the top faces, and I dont think the WWE has been deaf to the fact that girls seem to be crazy about them as a collective, and from what I've heard at least, Roman Reigns.   I think they purposefully put him on that spotlight in the opening match because of this, and if the Shield disbands, which I still personally think they will, and soon, I think he will come out the best for it.    

Let's take a look at Smackdown (These are my guesses, no spoilers, taken from

1.  Mark Henry vs Curtis Axel:   What a letdown.   Mark Henry didnt need to start at the bottom or middle of the ladder, he should have come out and destroyed one of 5 people at the PPV.   1. Cena 2. Orton 3. Big Show 4. Bryan or 5. Punk.   Hell put him with Heyman.   But no, Ryback and now Axel?   lame.  he deserves better.  WE deserve better.   Clearly Henry will get the win, probably via pinfall, maybe DQ if Ryback interferes.

2.  Los Matadores and El Torito vs 3MB:   El Torito's in ring debut!    How long will we be seeing this match on various programs?   Does the WWE really think adding El Torito in the ring equals more excitement or viewers?   This is terrible.   Matadores and Torito will win.   Shocker

3.  Xavier Woods and R-Truth vs Tons of Funk:    i.e., go get a shot of whiskey.   it's getting worse guys.   Truth and Woods win and then annoy us all with some dancing.

4.  Titus O Neil vs Antonio Cesaro:   "hey maybe we should have Cesaro do the giant swing on Titus in a singles match?   People will think it's new and different since it'll be alone and not with Swagger"    Cesaro wins

5.  Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs Rollins and Reigns for the Tag Titles:   Okay now THIS is what I want to see.   I hope they give them time to shine here and not end it quickly via Ambrose or someone else's interference.  Hard to see them giving up the tag belts on a Smackdown no matter what, so either schmozz happens or Cody and Goldy get the win.   I'll say schmozz via Ambrose.   

The preview also says 2 more matches occur but that revealing them might be somewhat of a spoiler.   I think maybe it'll be as a result of the finish of that last match, and that maybe it turns into 2 singles matches?   Goldust vs Rollins and Cody vs Reigns?   Maybe Reigns wins and Rollins doesnt and that is another crack in the Shield?   The only interesting thing to look forward to, that's for sure.    UGH AT THESE HOLIDAY EPISODES OF WWE AIMED AT 5 YEAR OLDS.    UGHHHHHHHHH


1.  Mark Henry:   Better get those queues ready!   By the way did anyone notice how I put him as the picture on my Survivor Series predictions?   Mm hm.

2.  Nikki Bella:   Couple weeks ago on my rising list.  "Will probably end the season with more points than Kofi or the Miz"   Yup, it's gonna happen.  Ya'll don't hear me though.   Honestly though I don't know how much I like her the rest of the season, but I'd probably roll the dice with her over any other Divas except AJ, Brie, and MAYBE Nattie

3.  Xavier Woods/R-Truth:   Xavier won a match on Raw, now has this match on Smackdown.   Same thing we saw and continue to see with Los Matadores.   New Faces get their shine for a few months before the WWE gives them a full evaluation.   Should rack up some decent points before the season concludes in a few weeks.


1.  Curtis Axel:   Yeah, it's over man.

2.  Rey Mysterio:   Too early to dump him, but yeesh, what a disappointing return so far taking two losses.  Maybe he's one of the "bonus matches" for Smackdown this week.   Let's hope so for those of us who picked him up.

3.  anyone trying to predict the divas division.   Natalya wins Sunday, then gets eliminated quickly Monday.   Okay sure.   Let's run with that.  


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