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Choke's WWE Raw rant & Smackdown Preview 10/21/2013 - 10/25/2013

Posted by: choke Oct 23, 2013 | 1384 views | 1 comments

A review of RAW, and a non-spoiler look at this week's Main Event and Smackdown shows

We're stll in the doldrums of the WWE year, with a rather uninspiring final RAW before Hell in a Cell.   Honestly from a match standpoint the card doesn't look too bad, until you realize it's the EXACT SAME ONE WE SAW 3 WEEKS AGO.   

The only two "big" developments out of the last few shows has been Big E Langston's return to... prominence?  And the Usos return to what has rightfully been theirs for the last 2 months.   I'll touch on both later in the rising/falling and Smackdown Preview sections

But first, what you all have been waiting for:  

THE MAIN EVENT PREVIEW!!!!   No match result spoilers as I do not know them.   As always these come from

Note:  I havent watched Main Event in 3 months.   I also havent received any points from Main Event in seemingly as long

1.  Goldust vs Seth Rollins:   Logical build match for the PPV match.   I'd like to think they give Rollins the win to give the belief that the titles could be in jeopardy Sunday.   Possibly some other Shield/Cody and less likely Usos interference.

2.  PTP vs Real Americans:   You simply can't give PTP the win here UNLESS El Torito shows up.    Real Americans steamroll on towards their Matadores match.   Bonus prediction:   Cesaro does the giant swing on Titus

3.  Cameron and Naomi vs Alicia Fox and Aksana:   Yikes. This wont be good.   Funkadactyls should take it

4.  Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow:   Holy crap at how far Ziggler has really fallen.   It's disappointing, but let's be honest his short run as champ left a lot to be desired.   I don't really understand why the WWE feels it NECESSARY for a guy to receive a good crowd response as both a heel and face.   I understand the concept and value obviously of a guy who can seemlessly transition from one to the other (i.e., CM Punk), but If a guy can shine as one or the other, that should be good enough IMO and not present a need to just straight bury them   End of rant.   Tough call here as the tease for Sandow to cash has been stronger than ever.   I still say we see Ziggler win

Smackdown Preview

1.   Michael Cole interviews Triple H.   I'd think we see Big Show interrupt this.   Hopefully Stephanie also since she's the only one who is doing a proper job of calling Show out for being the giant worthless oaf we've come to know and loathe

2.  Harper/Rowan vs the Usos:   Hmmm, now since the Usos are in the Tag Title match Sunday, you cant really give them a loss here, right?   But then again having Harper/Rowan lose also would kill their momentum.   I think you can pull it off by having Miz come out and attack Wyatt, leading to Harper/Rowan either getting distracted and losing, or maybe getting counted out.  Either way Usos get a win with help from Miz

3.  AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella in a non-title match:    I'd had the feeling we'd see a Nikki turn soon on Brie, letting those two feud it out for a while in a sibling rivalry type deal which would only be fun for the fat Nikki joke potential.   It would be tricky for the WWE to pull it off also with the Divas show, as obviously no one would buy into it (not that any of us should or do buy into anything, but I digress).   Anyhow, this match should shoot down any thought of that happening as I see AJ brutalizing Nikki to draw out Brie to further advance their match  

4.  Los Matadores vs Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre:   On the one hand this should be an easy Matadores win, but with Zeb threatening the bullwhip on Monday with zero Matadores appearance that same show, I'd imagine here's where we see him.   Will it happen before or after this match finishes?    I'll say Matadores win, then Zeb and the REAL Americans come out to attack.

5.  Ryback and Paul Heyman vs CM Skunk in a handicap, no DQ match:   This CM Skunk has some potential.   A real mat technician.   Kinda excited to see who portrays him though it'll probably be some local wrestler.   Guessing we see Punk come out at some point, probably after Ryback and Heyman get a quick win and attack.   OH YEAH LOCK OF THE WEEK

6.  Great Khali vs Fandango:   Our weekly Khali match!    I think Khali took this match last time, so Fandango probably takes the return match

7.  Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Big E Langston (!) vs Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins:   I'm baffled by Big E's involvement since he has a match against Axel on Sunday.   Or why isn't Axel in the place of Ambrose (who at this point has no match Sunday?)   The Usos not being involved in the final match also speaks volumes about their chances this Sunday.   Since its the go home show I'm going to predict super schmozz, but the final shot should be Bryan taking Orton out.   Maybe the Cell comes down at  some point?   MAYBE SHAWN MICHAELS COMES OUT AND SUPERKICKS BRYAN ON ACCIDENT.   okay that's not happening.


1.   Big E Langston:   Started from the bottom now he here.   I actually have been big on his potential since last season, and thought he had a good chance at winning the Smackdown MITB.   Then he wasnt even in the match and disappeared for 3 months.   Oh, LOL @ him hating bullies.   Someone should put the clip of him messing with Kaitlyn with that soundbite.

2.  Brie Bella:   I predicted it last PPV, and I'll predict it again.   I see her with the Divas belt, and soon

3.  The Usos:   Even though I don't see then winning Sunday, I could see them being available given their poor performance over the last few months.   Maybe they're back for the long term now and should be good for some wins

1.  Damien Sandow:   Maybe I'm just being swerved by the WWE's job of selling this, but I just don't see him successfully cashing it in at this point.   I WANT it to happen, and I hope I'm dead wrong here, but damn, he's on Main Event this week guys!?

2.  R-Truth:   Okay now he's just a WWE Merch shill.   Surprisingly, okay not surprisingly that was the best thing they've had him do in 2-3 years.

3.  Kane/Mark Henry/Christian/Evan Bourne:   Um, any day now guys, seriously.


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