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Choke's WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Predictions & Fantasy Preview

Posted by: choke Jul 14, 2013 | 1032 views | 0 comments

My predictions for tonight's Money in the Bank PPV, and some potential impact on the Fantasy League

First off, if you haven't purchased a league for Summerslam, you can do so and get the next season free with your purchase.  2 seasons for the price of one.  Get on that!    Check here for more info.

Onto the PPV.   Always one of the more exciting PPVs, this year looks to be no different with some uncertainty over who will win either Money in the Bank match, and some other matches like Ziggler/Del Rio which aren't easy calls as well.   Some of the buildup to certain matches has been lackluster (Ryback/Jericho anyone?), but overall it seems like a solid lineup of matches.

Pre-show:   The Usos vs Rollins/Reigns for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Buildup for this one has been weird, and throwing it on the pre-show makes it almost impossible to believe the Usos could walk away with the straps.  It's not time to end the Shield dominance, and certainly not to the Usos.  Weird they had Rollins go over clean on Friday though, as you would have thought the WWE would want to at least try to make us believe the Usos had a shot going into the weekend.   They dont.

Who should win:  The Shield
Who will win:  The Shield (well they will certainly RETAIN.   I could see some stupid DQ loss)

Money in the Bank (World Title "Smackdown" version)

Love the potential for this match to be great with Ambrose, Cesaro, Rhodes, Sandow, and Barrett involved.  Tough to call a winner here though I think whoever wins will carry the case around for a while and build hype around themselves.  Originally I thought Cesaro or either Rhodes Scholars member had a good chance, but I think the little feud they've been building with Rhodes/Sandow against Colter's duo will lead to them not winning it.   Just a feeling.   Odd that Ambrose hasnt been involved in ANY of the hype or buildup of this match.   Not sure if that betters or worsens his odds.   Unfortunately I think it'll come down to Fandango and Barrett as the main two competing for the case.  

Who should win (in this order):   Cesaro, Sandow, Rhodes, Ambrose, Fandango, Barrett, Swagger
Who will win (in this order):   Fandango, Barrett, Ambrose, Rhodes, Sandow, Cesaro, Swagger

Jericho vs Ryback

Not sure what the point of this match is.   Ryback will probably play up his "injury during the match" gimmick at some point.   With Jericho's contract probably up next month at Summerslam, I think they should look to build up Ryback more.    One could argue that you give Jericho the win here though to propel him to some sort of big "retirement" match next month.   They also seem to be playing into him possibly going after the IC Belt and Axel.   He doesnt need a win here for that

Who should win:   Ryback
Who will win:   coinflip, I'll say Ryback

Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee for the Divas Championship

No reason to give Kaitlyn the belt again.  I do think with the Total Divas show premiering this month that the Bellas and Cameron/Naomi are going to get some shine, so not sure where they go after Kaitlyn for an opponent for AJ.  Either way, AJ is the pick here

Who should win:  AJ
Who will win:  AJ

The Miz vs Curtis Axel for the IC Championship

HORRIBLE buildup for this.   Why are you having the undefeated Axel lose to Jericho two weeks in a row?   Why didn't the Miz confront Axel at all during the go home show before the PPV?   The WWE hasnt made us care about this match at all (to be fair, it would be very difficult to make me care about any Miz match you could come up with)  No point giving the title to Miz again.   No point in hiring the Miz again

Who should win:  Axel
Who will win:  Axel

Money in the Bank All Stars

This one really comes down to a few options to me:  Orton and Daniel Bryan.   Christian doesn't have a chance and one has to think Punk won't win so that they can focus on him against Lesnar/Heyman afterwards.  It's hard to rule out Sheamus for ANY match, but the hype just wouldnt be strong with him winning it.  RVD does have a shot as you've got to think they have big plans for him.   I just dont think the WWE title is where they'll go with him at this point.   The most intriguing thing to me about this match is them writing Kane out.  Who will replace him, if anyone?  I think it will either be some throwaway legend, or some "Returning" star like Big Show, but there are some interesting options the WWE probably wont do like Lesnar or Wyatt himself who took Kane out.   No matter what, I dont like the replacement's chances to win.   It seems like the WWE has spent the last few weeks trying to make Bryan seem the obvious favorite, and prior to Smackdown I was dead set against picking him, thinking they'd reward Orton's years of not really being at the top with the case, a possible heel turn, and a big main event match at Summerslam vs Cena.   Then the WWE ended Smackdown with Orton holding up the case.  I know it's an old school way of thinking that the WWE has gone away from, but I never like picking the last guy standing on the go home show to win.   Tough call

Who should win:   Orton (because Bryan is so over already and can go for the title without the case.  An Orton heel turn against Cena would do wonders for Orton at this point)
Who will win:   I'll go with Orton still.   Bryan a VERY close 2nd.

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Championship

This match will more than likely happen earlier in the night.   I was shocked and disappointed when Del Rio won the title from Dolph at Payback, but I have to admit he plays the heel role well so I'm warming to the decision.   Conversely, I hate what they're trying to do with Ziggler and having him be somewhat of a face, and the crowd isnt buying into it either it seems.   I immediately assumed the title was Dolph's to win back at MITB, but over the weeks that have followed I'm starting to go away from that idea.   I want it to happen still because Dolph deserves his shine, but we need a return to the #HEEL days for it to fully connect with the audience.  

Who should win:  Ziggler
Who will win:  another tough call, I love this:   gonna go with Ziggler since it's Philly and the fans will EXPLODE

Mark Henry vs John Cena for the WWE Championship

Buildup was so strong with the retirement speech, but since then it's faltered a bit.   Hard to maintain that level of brilliance for a month, so its understandable.  I fear the WWE will just go with Cena again here, but I dont see the harm in having Henry win the belt, with a big rematch at Summerslam.   The main issue with predicting that scenario?   Money in the Bank.   If Henry wins tonight, Cena will still be owed a rematch and I believe the All Stars MITB winner wont just sit patiently with the case.   It makes more sense for Bryan or Orton to challenge Cena either immediately after he retains tonight, or next month at Summerslam.   Having Henry still involved at that point will just lessen that potential match

Who should win:   Henry (because Cena)
Who will win:   Cena (because Cena)

Bonus Prediction #1:    Will either MITB case be cashed tonight?

Unfortunately I dont think so.   I'd LOVE to see an Orton or Bryan cash/heel turn against Cena after a hard fought battle against Henry, but I have a feeling it wont happen.  Hope I'm wrong.   VERY little chance the Smackdown case will be cashed tonight.   Not much would make sense there

Bonus Prediction #2:   Will the Wyatt family have any involvement tonight?

Fortunately I DO think so.   I believe the WWE knew what they were doing in having their debut happen the RAW before the PPV.   Obviously they've already impacted it by taking Kane out the match, but I think they might set their sites on someone else this time, and I do like the idea of Wyatt replacing the man whose injury he orchestrated, but that might be a little too much too soon.  

Enjoy the show! 


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