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Choke's Winter Season Draft - Final Draft Board Order

Posted by: choke Sep 13, 2013 | 1344 views | 0 comments

Choke's final draft board for the upcoming Winter Season

Well here we have it, taking everything into consideration (including any new shit that has come to light), here is my final draft board.   I'll try to limit the comments as my previews should have all that.

1.  Daniel Bryan
2.  Randy Orton
3.  Rob Van Dam
4.  Alberto Del Rio
5.  Dolph Ziggler 
6/7/8.  Reigns/Ambrose/Rollins
9.  Big Show 
10.  Bray Wyatt 
11.  Ryback
12.  CM Punk 
13. Kofi Kingston 
14.  AJ Lee 
15.  Curtis Axel 
16.  The Miz
17/18.  Erick Rowan/Luke Harper 
19/20.  Christian/Mark Henry 
21/22.  Kane/Cody Rhodes
23/24.  PTP
25.  Damien Sandow
26/27.  The Usos 
28.  Fandango
29.  Wade Barrett
30/31.  Cesaro/Swagger 
32. Big E Langston 
33. Brie Bella

34/35. Epico/Primo (Los Matadores)
36. Brock Lesnar
37. Kaitlyn
38/39/40.   Paul Heyman/Ricardo Rodriguez/Zeb Colter 
40.   Natalya 
41.  The Great Khali 
42/43.  Tons of Funk
44.  HHH
45. Santino
46. Rey Mysterio
47. Summer Rae
48. Nikki Bella
49. Cameron
50.  Vince McMahon
51/52.  Eva Marie/Jojo
53.  Michael Cole - could be a nice dark horse for a late, LATE round pick.   I think with how much he's been talking bad about HHH, he'll start being heavily involved in the story.  The big question is, will it just be him getting embarrassed and no points?  probably. 
54.  Sin Cara
55.  R-Truth
56/57/58.  Slater/Mcintyre/Mahal
59.  John Cena
60.  Sheamus - including these two just because you never know, maybe they recover quick.  But seriously, dont draft them.
61.  Brad Maddox
62.  Zack Ryder
63.  Justin Gabriel
64.  Bo Dallas
65.  Hornswoggle
65.  Rosa Mendes
66/67.   Aksana/Alicia Fox

Happy Drafting!


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