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Choke's TLC/RAW Fantasy Rant 12/16-12/17/12 BIG E LANGSTON!

Posted by: choke Dec 17, 2012 | 1486 views | 4 comments

Fantasy implications from TLC and tonight's RAW

Wow, I'm very happy to say that the WWE is back on my good side.  Not just for the great moments that they've given us the last two nights, but for the pushing of young superstars to carry us into the future instead of relying on only more established guys.  The Shield have been thrust into the spotlight and had an incredible debut match at TLC, and then Big E Langston closes out RAW by destroying Cena?   Color me impressed.

Overachievers this year so far:  Cody Rhodes (I didn't even think he'd be healthy yet, and he's LEADING the game in points!), The Shield (all these table shots, attacks, and backstage beatups are really going to stack up over time), Naomi (huh?  I still dont quite understand what happened last night with this), and the Great Khali (I've been trying to tell you all this!)

Underachievers? Ryback (this will change, don't worry, but 14th so far isn't exactly dominating), Daniel Bryan (14 points so far?  HORNSWOGGLE HAS MORE), Kane (same), CM Punk (obviously a result of the injury.  I was hoping he'd be back on two feet during RAW, but nope), Sin Cara (I did a double-take at his only having 4 points), and finally PTP with a big fat goose egg.  I'm actually considering dropping Titus for Khali.  Seriously, read that again.

1.  Big E Langston:  If you're not scrambling to drop your weakest link to pick him up when the trade window opens, you're doing it wrong.
2.  Kaitlyn:  It simply makes sense to give her the belt soon.  As much as I love Eve with her new gimmick of posing with the diva she just beat, there are more stories with Kaitlyn right now especially with the official AJ heel turn
3.  Khali:  They actually have him in some semblance of a story with Horny and Natalya.  Why?  I dont know, but at this rate I'm rolling with it.  Plus you have the Rumble coming up and big guys get points at the rumble.
4.  Brodus Clay:  He's back!  I mean they had tanked this guy so bad he fell all the way to the 7th round in my main league.  I'm guessing he might not have even been drafted in others.  Could be worth a gamble if you have other dead weight

1.  R Truth:  Iffy on whether it's worth holding him.  I'd give him another Raw or Smackdown or two before bailing, but losing a title shot by getting dominated and then not even appearing on the following 3 hour Raw is not a good sign.
2.  3MB:  Okay, I think they're still all worth holding, but I'd be very concerned about them turning the full group into another Heath Slater situation from last year where they will simply keep losing to a new guest each week.  First Brooklyn Brawler, then Tommy Dreamer.  If it happens tomorrow on Smackdown, be afraid, be very afraid.
3.  Sin Cara:  So he causes the loss against Rhodes Scholars on Sunday, then Rey gets a win over Sandow.   I assumed they'd have Sin Cara beat Rhodes also, setting up a rematch or just furthering the feud, but no, Cara loses clean?   I think this story will eventually develop into Sin Cara continuing to lose, before finally turning heel on Rey.  Actually if you have him, you should probably be rooting for this.


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