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Choke's Survivor Series Dark Horses

Posted by: choke Nov 18, 2016 | 859 views | 1 comments

All the hours.   All the hours spent watching otherwise meaningless matches of Golden Truth vs the Shining Stars, all the hours spent reading some WWE rumor site you found on the deep web that you're sure none of your friends know about.   The rewinding and slow motion replays of an injury on RAW to try to determine if it was legit or a work.   All the hard work put towards this season of Drop the Belt to show that you're the best at what you do among your friends and it comes down to:   Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg.    Well, could be worse!  Oh it is worse?   No major title switching potential means very little potential at leapfrogging the guy in front of you?   Luckily for you, the way our Survivor Series points are structured (see this post for scoring rules) there is actually a lot of potential for major points, and better yet, some potential dark horses that you may still be able to pick up last second to help your chances.   Let's take a look at some

Potential pickups

1.  Shane McMahon:   Obviously someone could have snatched him up like they did in my league the moment he was announced on the team, but if not, there's good reason to pick him up.   Currently the hot rumor is that Wrestlemania will feature Brock vs Shane.  Now even if this is true, it doesnt mean Shane will survive this match but it's not beyond the realm of possibility.   There was no use to have Shane on your team prior to this week, so you could catch your league sleeping and earn massive points if he somehow survives or better yet is sole survivor, which, if the rumor is true, would make it easy to see how it could lead to that match.

2.  American Alpha:   One of the most disappointing stories of the season from a points standpoint.   I really thought they were going to push them fast and hard but, shocking to most, we've ended up with Slater and Rhyno with the straps most of the season.   Well, Alpha is back, and still with major hype surrounding them and potential for a huge run next season and beyond.   Given that, I like their potential to either survive on Sunday or at least get a decent amount of eliminations.  Although RAWs lineup looks like a sure thing compared to the weak Smackdown tag group, Alpha may offset that difference, and do New Day and Enzo and Cass really need a win here?

3.  Nikki Bella/Alexa Bliss:  Longshots given the Charlotte/Bayley/Sasha 3-headed push monster on the other side, but given the eternal push Nikki has and the rising popularity of Alexa Bliss with the fans (or is that just blissful thinking?  Resting Bliss Face is my shit!)   I'd still believe RAW's squad will take it, but if Smackdown somehow pulls off the upset, I'd think Nikki or Alexa might survive to begin/further a feud against current champ Becky Lynch

4.  Brock Lesnar/Goldberg:   I'll be honest, I havent been paying much of attention to news sites, and I haven't seen any odds or predictions on this match, nor do I really know much about their contracts, whether Goldberg is a one and done, whether people already know exactly what is going to happen here already.   Having said all that, it's hard for me to personally picture Goldberg winning from just a "where would they go from there?" standpoint outside of just doing the match again (PLEASE NO).   So yeah, if no one has Lesnar on your league it seems like a free 23 points, which could be all you need

Who to drop:

There's obvious dead weight who were viable holds throughout the season that dont have matches announced like Dolph Ziggler, TJ Perkins, Baron Corbin, and Rusev.  I almost shocked myself typing that list.   WTF?   But outside of those, I think there are some individuals on some of these teams that you might be holding that I'm not crazy about.   These include:  Bray Wyatt, Chris Jericho, and Gallows/Anderson.   I could go a little bolder and include Slater/Rhyno, Randy Orton, and Becky Lynch on the list of those I don't think stand much of a chance of surviving, and therefore getting a lot of points, but couldn't argue with keeping those just in case.  

Good luck in keeping or taking the lead!   Let me know your thoughts and if you agree/disagree/think I missed an obvious pick one way or the other.   And most importantly someone please tell me how Rusev isn't on this PPV.

See you for TLC season!


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