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Choke's Smackdown 10/19/12 Report: I see IC points for Kofi

Posted by: choke Oct 21, 2012 | 1151 views | 2 comments

Who's rising, who's falling after Friday night's Smackdown?

I'm including Main Event in my Smackdown reports from this point forth as it's proving itself to be an instrumental show in the WWE Universe.  Come on, we all thought it was just going to be another Superstars didn't we?  With major matches and title changes already within the first 3 weeks of the show though, it cannot be ignored like Superstars so easily was.

Not a fan of having the belt off the Miz so quickly, but Kofi is a good worker and he's had his share of highlights over the years so I'm not against him having it if it had to be anyone.  

1.  Kofi Kingston - Clearly he's been on the rise since the split with Truth, but I didn't foresee him winning the belt so quickly.  Even though he didn't get the fantasy points since it was on Main Event, he'll obviously be picking up a lot more points in the next several months defending it and wrestling singles matches setting up feuds.
2.  3MB - I know, I keep putting them in rising, but the WWE seems to just be giving them more and more airtime with every week that passes.  Outside of foreseeing more victories in the future, they're almost guaranteed microphone, interference, attack, and/or accompanying to the ring points.  A new force to be reckoned with in the WWE (yes it pained me to type that)
3.  Layla - I'll admit I was wrong about Layla's prospect in the fantasy league for the near future.  I really thought they were moving forward with a storyline she'd be mostly absent from, but she's still Eve's main foil and it's the other Divas who still seem on the outside looking in.  3 weeks ago I'd have preferred to have Kaitlyn or AJ on my team, but Layla has proven she's still the #2 Diva to have after Eve, at least for the time being

Also:  Pretty much what we've come to expect as of late.  Sheamus, Orton, Cesaro, Hell No, and Rhodes Scholars all go over

1.  Brodus Clay - clean loss against Slater.  I repeat, CLEAN LOSS AGAINST SLATER.   Cameron and Naomi at this point are more attractive prospects on a fantasy team
2.  The Miz - Still a great wrestler to have on a team, but you've got to be disappointed the title run didn't last very long.  There's a chance he'll get it back soon, but if not they still treat him like midcarder fodder to guys like Orton and Sheamus without it.
3.  Ziggler - Sort of the same.  With the MITB case they continue to have him lose every match he's in, figuring that with the case he doesn't need any more heat or victories under his belt until he cashes it in, at least that's what it seems.  Then again, if he cashes it in at the PPV like he's saying he will.....

Also:  Yes, Ted Dibiase is still on the active roster apparently, Kidd/Gabriel are still a tag team apparently, and Natalya lost seemingly her 400th match in a row.


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