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Choke's RAW 9/10/12 Fantasy Impact: Team Friendship (?!?!)

Posted by: choke Sep 10, 2012 | 1034 views | 3 comments

Who's rising, who's falling after tonight's show?

Ups and downs on tonight's show.  Still loving the CM Punk heel antics and even more with Heyman.  Enjoying the Daniel Bryan/Kane story but not happy they already bumped PTP out of the immediate picture.  Everything else was business as usual.   Get well soon Jerry Lawley

1.  Team Friendship:  Even though this might devolve into them splitting up again quickly and back to singles, there's also a strong chance they win the tag titles this Sunday or soon thereafter, and that possibility gives them an upgrade
2.  Cody Rhodes:  Guessing this means we see a triple threat on Sunday for the IC Belt.  Even though I don't like his chances, he needed this win and hopefully this puts him on the upswing again
3.  Eve:  I think her win tonight pretty much solidifies that regardless of who wins out of Layla or Kaitlyn on Sunday, we will soon be seeing Eve contend for the Divas title

1.  PTP:  As much as I love these guys, the crowd is absolutely dead for them and I think that's forced the WWE's hand in removing them from the title match.   I'm hoping it's temporary or that they get the first shot against the winner of Sunday's match, but I'm very worried about their future at this rate.   Yes, I did predict them to win the tag belts just two days ago.  haha
2.  Layla:  I just think her time with the belt is up very soon.  Obviously she's still worth holding in case she wins on Sunday, but who can argue that the storyline is stronger with her retaining?
3.  Brodus Clay:  Yikes @ that crowd reaction and still losing to Lawler in the fan poll to face Punk.  Combine that with one of the funkettes getting that DUI and the fact he's been off screen for a few weeks and he's not looking like he was worth an early pick at this rate.

Also, is the Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel experiment over?  

Check back on Saturday for my Smackdown analysis, then late Saturday or early Sunday for my Night of Champions predictions and analysis.


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