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Choke's New Fall Classic 2014 Big Draft Board: Who to Draft and When

Posted by: choke Sep 18, 2014 | 1459 views | 6 comments

A new season is upon us!   I don't know about you but that was a tough month.   It was difficult to watch even RAW while in the offseason.   This game just makes wrestling that much better for me.

Some things to keep in mind:   In the effort to get this posted now, I obviously don't know what will happen at Night of Champions.   Therefore some things could happen which drastically change the draft order.   Obviously if I have the Usos ranked higher than any other tag teams, and they lose the belts on Sunday, adjust accordingly.   But you all knew that already.  


1. Roman Reigns - The #1 point earner of last season, and with no indication that that will change anytime soon.   He had no titles and he still beat out all of the belt holders?   Crazy stuff.  If, like me, you think Reigns is on the road to a title shot at the next Mania, then you have to love the pick even more.   Only injury can hold him back at this point.  

2. Seth Rollins - Rollins was #2 last season, and a lot of that was from the Money in the Bank win, but it goes beyond that.  He wrestles on almost every show, and of course with the case there's always the potential for a World Title win.   He's bucked the trend of the briefcase holder losing most of his matches prior to cashing it in, and outside of the Ambrose revenge factor which might get him some losses, there's not much more argument to NOT draft him this high

3. John Cena - yes, I boringly am picking the top 5 in the same order of point getters last season.   I thought about mixing a few up but I kept coming back to the same order.   Cena is always a threat to win the Unified title, and even if they keep it on Brock for the time being, he's always going to be involved in some high profile feud with plenty of stip matches.  He's their moneymaker and the points show it.   By the way, I'm boldly(?) predicting a short reign for Lesnar and for Cena to take the title back on NOC.  Mainly because I dont think Lesnar wants the workload.

4.  Sheamus - season in and season out he dominates in points.  With the potential for a continued US title reign (though I think Cesaro ultimately takes the belt, but not at NOC) his potential for points is even higher

5.  Rusev - It's just tough to picture him losing much this season, if at all.   Plus with flag matches and other stips, I think Rusev will be a force for the near future in this league.   Plus if you had to pick someone to eventually take the US title off Sheamus besides Cesaro, it's tough to find anyone.

6.  Dean Ambrose - This is a tricky one.   Currently off filming a movie but you know that once he's back he's going to wreak havoc.  Picking him this high is banking on his returning sooner than later, and there are rumors he'll be back Monday night after NOC.   If that happens there's a big potential to steal him maybe even later than this pick.

7.  Cesaro - Some wishful thinking on my part, I'll admit.  After a disastrous last season, the WWE seems to be thrusting him again into the limelight with a feud against Sheamus.  Will he eventually win the US Title?   Will he be thrown to the side after their feud?   Taking him here is banking on the former.

8.  Dolph Ziggler - Holds the IC title currently, wrestles seemingly every week.  There are some injury concerns as he's had some concussions in the past, and often at the worst times possible, but for now I'd roll the dice high given the title.

9/10.  Jimmy and Jey Uso - If Dust to Dust win on Sunday, I'd put them here instead and move the Usos down to 14/15.  I drafted these two last season not expecting them to hold the titles the entire way through, but the fact they did probably won the whole thing for me.  If they retain Sunday it'll be hard to ignore them, even this high in the draft.

11.  Bray Wyatt - a disappointing season last time, but the WWE still keeps him involved in very high profile matches which makes me think they're not quite through with him yet.   Always a threat to win a title.   Fingers crossed he doesnt get the cold shoulder as so many other heels have gotten lately.

12/13.  Harper and Rowan - This is hoping they get off the feud with Henry and Show sometime soon and back to the tag title hunt.  They're too talented not to get those belts eventually.

14/15.  Dust to Dust - I do think they have a good chance to win the titles soon, but because I think Harper and Rowan are the most likely to win the belts sometime shortly after the Usos/D2D feud, part of me thinks they wont go the route in giving them to these two yet.   If they win at NOC, bump them up

16.  Bo Dallas - Big point getter last time, but has started to lose matches more often than not. 

17.  AJ Lee - Predicting the Divas division can be maddening, so instead I'll just lump them all together in one big group.  I feel the title will stay between AJ/Paige and possibly the Bellas for the time being.   Very close call between AJ and Paige, but ultimately went with the one I think looks better in shorts.   I like Paige to retain at NOC so that could be a big consideration for Paige.

18.  Paige

19.  Nikki Bella

20.  Brie Bella

21.  Randy Orton - Always solid, but hard to see him being so heavily involved in the title picture for too much longer.  I always undervalue him, and have a feeling I may have done so again

22.  Lesnar -  I know this seems crazy, but the bottom line is he simply doesn't wrestle.   Everyone above has the potential to get an average of 20-30 points a WEEK on Raw and Smackdown, but with Lesnar it's pretty much JUST PPVs.  Even with successfully defending the belt you've got a max of 3 title defenses and roughly 200-250 points max. 

23.  Miz - I just don't like his chances at the moment to get back the IC title.  

24.  Christian - Always prone to injury, but WWE always gives him quite a push whenever he comes back.  Can he stay healthy?!

25.  Jack Swagger

26.  Mark Henry - I think they ultimately want to do a Big Show/Mark Henry feud once Henry loses the feud entirely to Rusev.  If they get thrust into the tag title picture some more, especially against Harper and Rowan, the sky's the limit.

27.  Big Show

28.  Naomi

29.  Cameron

30.  Kane

31/32 Viktor/Konnor - I like the odds of the Ascension coming in this season.   At this stage in the roster, it could be worth a gamble that it happens sooner than later.

33.  RVD

34.  Adam Rose - saw diminished screentime as the season went along and the audience doesn't seem to care anymore.  Okay, they never did.  Send him back to NXT so I can stop seeing him please!

35.  Heath Slater!

36.  Big E Langston

37.  Damien Sandow

38.  Stephanie McMahon - Some potential for another match or two with Brie or maybe even AJ

39.  Kofi Kingston

40.  R-Truth

41. Eva Marie

42.  Emma - thief!

43. Daniel Bryan - it feels crazy putting Bryan and Barrett at the bottom of the list, but it seems unlikely they'll be back within the next 2 months.  Keep an eye out for injury reports and pick them up mid-season if you suspect something, but wasting a draft pick on them now seems like the wrong move IMO

44. Wade Barrett

So there you have it.   A case can be made for solid minor point getters like Heyman or HHH, but for the most part that's not my style to have non-wrestlers on my roster (insert Eva Marie joke here), so good luck with that if you want to play that game.

Have fun drafting, and good luck this season!


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