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Choke's Fantasy Wrapup: Smackdown (x2) & Raw 11/2 - 11/6/12

Posted by: choke Nov 8, 2012 | 1297 views | 6 comments

Who's rising, who's falling after this past week's action?

We're getting some pretty mediocre television lately.  Lots of repeated feuds, very little storyline development that's actually interesting, and generally boring wrestling matches.   I'm probably forgetting half of what happened so feel free to comment if you think I left out any big developments

1.  R-Truth - Well I had him up here last week, but he seems to be officially entwined in the US Championship hunt now.  I expect him to get a shot at Survivor Series and probably lose, but he should pick up several wins leading up to it.  Plus there's the off chance he might actually win it.   
2.  Brad Maddox - Kind of a gamble, but he's playing a pretty integral role in the show right now and ultimately could gain a full time wrestling contract out of all this.   The question is timing?   Worth a late round pick in the next draft right now I'd think.   If you think he has a chance against Ryback (maybe with some CM Punk interference?) he might be worth a short tenure on your league right now
3.  Johnny Curtis (Fandangoo) - Easily one of the worst names in WWE history.   He's worth a mention here only because the guys who tend to get these type of promos are usually at least given a minor push when they "debut", even though one of the instances where that didnt happen was Johnny Curtis himself.   (shrug).   I don't expect him to come out til after SS, and he might be worth a late round pick for the WM draft
4.  Rosa Mendes - Well if they start a feud with Rosa and Ricardo, maybe she'll get thrust a little more in the spotlight.  Then getting accompanying to the ring and interference points are a lot more valuable when you're with Del Rio vs Primo/Epico.   Again, another late round possibility for the next draft depending on how this story plays out

Also:  Khali just because they're starting some ridiculous storyline there might also be worth a look.   Let us all pray they don't try to actually set up a PPV level storyline for him.   Lots of WWE viewers in India though....   Lots of the obvious guys are still picking up big wins like Barrett, Orton, Kofi, Hell No, Rhodes Scholars, etc etc.  You dont need me to tell you that.

1.  Brodus Clay - I've just got to.   The downfall this man has had this season is almost unparalleled.   
2.  The Usos/Primo/Epico - Not that you had them anyway, but it seems like the WWE is pretty much ready to abandon all their strictly tag based groups for singles wrestlers thrown together into tags.   Plus if Rosa gets taken away from Primo and Epico, what will they have for us to look forward to in the ring?
3.  The Miz - Still worth holding onto obviously which I always say, but what gives with having him be the fodder for all the top carders lately?   I just don't get it.  Of all the guys you have in the back, why are you sending him out to get buried week in and week out?   Then again he'll pick up a win against Derrick Bateman on Smackdown the week before Survivor Series and Josh Matthews will scream about how Miz is on a roll heading to SS.  I give up.

Also:  Team CoBro.....  smh


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