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Choke's 2013 WWE TLC predictions and preview

Posted by: Choke Dec 15, 2013 | 1211 views | 6 comments

Doing this on vacation and on my iPhone, so this will be brief(well, briefer than usual)

Dolph ziggler vs fandango (pre show kickoff):    I feel like both of these guys need a win, as both have dropped off considerably during the course of the season.  Hard to really justify giving one man a win over the other as far as story goes but from a pure talent level dolph has to get the nod so ill go with him.   PS my iPhone just suggested changing Dolph to Adolf.    Adolf Ziggler?   Suddenly his failures don't seem so surprising

Cody Rhodes/Goldust vs the Real Americans vs Ryback/Curtis Axel vs Rey Mysterio/Big Show for the Tag Titles:   I love this match potential.   Definitely the potential to be the match of the night, plus I can make an argument for any of the 4 teams winning.   I'm gonna go with what I think is an upset and say Ryback and Axel walk away with the belts.   Not in the least bit confident though

Daniel Bryan vs the Wyatt clan in a 3-on-1 handicap match.   I tthink the WWE is doing themselves a great disservice if nothing is revealed in this match, such as a new member of the Wyatts or someone pulling the strings.   Otherwise you have Bryan beating 3 men and making them look weak in the process, or just an irrelevant beat down.   Neither sounds appealing from a story perspective.   I'm going to go with Wyatt getting the pin after some sort of reveal:  Steph pulling the strings?  Brie?  AJ?   Christian returning as a new member?  Shaemus?  Lol.  

Damien Sandow vs Big E Langston for the IC belt:  I think Sandow deserves this, or some other belt at some point, but its not time for Big E to drop it yet.  Big E retains.    I think we see Mark Henry come out and possibly turn on Big E, though it might be early for that

Natalya vs AJ Lee for the divas championship:   In what is a crazily unpredictable division as far as storyline and who is #1 contender, one thing has remained constant: AJ retaining. Well I've been foolishly calling for her to lose it and put her in chase mode, and ill do the same again today.   Nattie takes it

CM Punk vs the Shield in a 3-on-1 handicap match.   Since I predicted the Wyatt family to win the first 3-on-1, I think the opposite happens here.   Punk wins when the Shield shows some more signs of dissension

Randy Orton vs John Cena for the Unified Title:   Tough call which is exciting to me.   Hard to go against Cena here as I feel like the storylines are so much more intriguing with him winning than Orton.   I simply don't see Orton being "the guy" during Mania season, as that won't help move PPVs.   You need Something bigger than that in the months for come, and nothing (like him or hate him) is bigger than Cena.    Going with Cena tonight

I also think we see Miz beat Kofi, and Woods/truth beat Tons of funk to set up Brodus turning on Tensai.    Also maybe Del Rio finally getting a win on Sin Cara

enjoy the final show of the season!  See you for the granddaddy of them all!


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