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Choke's 2013 WWE Summerslam Preview & Predictions

Posted by: choke Aug 18, 2013 | 1126 views | 1 comments

My Summerslam preview and predictions

Another great fantasy wrestling season comes to a close tonight

Gonna do this quick and dirty.   Thanks to all those who followed my stories this season.   I'll see you in a few weeks for my Survivor Series Season Preview 

Pre show RVD vs Dean Ambrose for the US Championship

Who should win:  Ambrose (RVD doesnt need this belt)
Who will win:  RVD (but via DQ or countout)

Bonus Prediction:  I think the Shield will interfere or will attack RVD at the end of the match, causing Show and Henry to come out for the save.   I think this will set up a tag title match or a 6 man tag for the PPV

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship

Who should win:   Del Rio (Christian simply isn't over)
Who will win:   Del Rio

Bonus Prediction:  We will not see Sandow cash in his MITB contract tonight.   Will we see Ricardo though?   hmmmm

Dolph Ziggler with Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee with Big E Langston

Who should win:   Truthfully, it doesnt matter.   I'll say the heels because the Kaitlyn/AJ thing should be over.  Maybe we see Layla cause a Kaitlyn loss?
Who will win:   Coinflip.   Let's go with AJ/Big E

Kane vs Bray Wyatt in a ring of fire match

Who should win:   Wyatt
Who will win:  Wyatt (I think the foreshadowing of this being the first time they've done this match [I think?] combined with them saying it's to "keep people out" means the exact opposite, that the Wyatt clan will somehow find their way in and cause Kane to lose.  

Brie Bella (with Nikki and Eva Marie) vs Natalya (with the Funkadactyls)

Who should win:   Wardrobe malfunction
Who will win:   I think we see a Natalya win to set up a Divas championship between her and AJ in the near future.   Wouldnt surprise me in the least if Brie won with Twin Magic since they're the easy "stars" of Total Divas.   

The Shield vs Mark Henry/Show (Chocolate Show?  Sexual Show?   The Big Sexual?   Weapons of Chocolate Destruction?   The World's Strongest Show?   Show is what I do?) for the Tag championships   

Not an official match, but I'm going with it as I think it'll be added

Who should win:   The Shield (I could make a case for Henry/Show though, namely that the shield has been completely wasted the last few months)
Who will win:   The Shield (again, wouldnt surprise me to see the opposite happen, but I think the WWE will go with the Shield for a few more months

Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes

Who should win:   Cody Rhodes (you dont give the holder of the case big wins before he cashes in)
Who will win:   Cody Rhodes (also the mid card heel rule is in effect)

CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

Who should win:   Brock Lesnar (has he won a match since he's been back?)
Who will win:   Brock Lesnar (I like the storylines better with a Brock win.  Then again a Punk vs Bryan feud for the WWE title would be pretty great for the next few months)

John Cena vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title

Who should win:  Daniel Bryan (it just HAS to happen)
Who will win:   Daniel Bryan (but.....)

BONUS PREDICTION:   Randy Orton will successfully cash in the MITB case with the help of Vince, Triple H, or both.   It's time to finally turn Orton heel after all the months or years of speculation of that happening.   I dont care if it seems obvious to most of us on the internet, at least 50% of the fanbase will still be shocked to see it happen.

BONUS PREDICTION 2:  If the Shield tag match doesnt happen, I think we might see some extra match involving Miz the Host and possibly the Real Americans or Fandango or Ryback.   Maybe something like Miz and Kofi vs Swagger and Cesaro, or Miz Kofi and the Usos vs Ryback, Fandango and the Real Americans.   Or Miz, Kofi, the Usos, Zack Ryder, Great Khali and Hornswoggle vs Ryback, Curtis Axel, The Real Americans and 3MB.   Okay none of these will happen, but it boggles my mind a little some of these people arent involved.   I know time is limited, but even another small rumble for a shot at the IC Belt would make sense......    That's what they should have done.  Preshow is a rumble with all these guys I named, and the winner faces Axel later in the show.   Kofi would win.  Boom.

Overall I like the potential in this card.  Enjoy and I hope you're in a much better position than I am to win your league!



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