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KING of the RING Qualifing Matches

Kingston pins Swagger     Kofi Kingston=7pts.

Del Rio wins by count out of the Big Show       Alberto Del Rio=5pts.

MacIntiyer pins MVP         Drew MacIntryer=7pts.

Rhodes pins Mysterio plus Del Rio interferents            Cody Rhodes=7pts.   Alberto Del Rio=1pt.

Normal Matches

Kelly Kelly pins McCool                   Kelly Kelly=5pts.


Tonight's Results                                     FUW Total Points

Team B=7pts.                                                                                25 points

Wild Bunch=0pts.                                                                          7 points

Jimmy Harts=7pts.                                                                       15 points

Slammin' Schmidts=0pts.                                                            21 points

Team G=6pts.                                                                                6 pooints

Whatever=0pts.                                                                             0 points

I have no idea=7pts.                                                                     7 points

Nubfarm=0pts.                                                                              7 points


Week 1 Standings

1st place          Team B= 25pts.

2nd place          Slammin' Schmidts= 21pts.

3rd place           Jimmy Harts= 15pts.

4th place            Wild bunch= 7pts

                            I have no idea= 7pts.

                            Nubfarm= 7pts.

5th place            Whatever= 0pts.


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