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WWE Smackdown Fantasy Analysis: Jinder Mahal Rising? AW Out.

Posted by: choke Aug 13, 2012 | 1224 views | 1 comments

Who's rising, who's falling after last week's Smackdown

Sorry for the lateness on this.   Nonstop weekend.   Average episode of Smackdown with some decent matches, some bad matches, and some terrible booking as usual


1.  Jinder Mahal - Obviously he will lose the feud against Ryback, but I like the idea of him possibly doing this imitation of going against two jobbers each week.   Then again, this could all end at Summerslam and we might never see him again after.   Either way, worth the gamble if you have dead weight on your roster that he gets another double jobber win this coming Friday
2.  Kaitlyn - Again, not worth dropping any consistent point getters off your squad, but there's a slight chance she wins the Assistant position over Eve and will get some points out of that.   Then again...
3.  Eve - Eve has to be the odds on favorite to win the Assistant position, but I'm only putting her ranked below Kaitlyn because she was a stronger hold prior to last Friday's smackdown airing anyhow.  Odds are she was taken on your league already

Also - Wade Barrett wrestled a house show this weekend, so he's ready now (maybe a Summerslam run in on Orton or some other face is coming?)   Sin Cara and Rey pick up much needed wins, PTP get their title shot, AGAIN


1.  AW - WWE released late last week.    Kinda bizarre that they would have waited so long, but it is what it is.  Will be interesting to see what they have planned this point forward with the PTP.   
2.  Current and Former US/IC title holders - Is WWE trying to get a point across?  Christian has lost nearly every match since dropping the belt to Miz, Miz has lost nearly every match against anyone other than Christian, and Santino has lost about 15 matches in the row (all non-title of course).   What gives?   At this rate it seems like the worst thing for a wrestler is to be involved with these belts in any way
3. AJ Lee - No shorts, no interest.   


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