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Royal Rumble Eliminator Game 2024 Enter NOW!!

Posted by: goukijones Jan 1, 2024 | 1180 views | 0 comments

Click Both To Enter!

Men's Royal Rumble | Women's Royal Rumble

How to play. All members get 1 FREE ENTRY. Champion subscribers will get 2 entries and World Champion subscribers will get 3 entries. The Royal Rumble Eliminator Game is automatically included with your subscription. You can buy additional entries.

1 entry will get you 6 random numbers for each of the Royal Rumble matches. 6 numbers for the Men's Royal Rumble and 6 numbers for the Women's Royal Rumble. *Make sure you enter the Men's & Women's Royal Rumble separately. 

Those 6 random numbers will be the wrestler you score points with based on the order they enter the Royal Rumble match. For example, if you draw 2,3,15,24,27,30. The wrestler that comes out in the #2, #3, #15, #24, #27, and #30 positions will score points for you in the Royal Rumble Eliminator Game.

Eliminations will be worth 1 point. Winning the Royal Rumble will be worth 5 points.

The entry with the highest total points will be the winner. You are competing against every member on DropTheBelt. Thank you for playing.


All Subscribers will get FREE 1 entry and may have up to 3 entries. So make sure you submit all of your possible entries. Subscribe now!


One (1) FREE Entry for every member of Want Extra Entries? Available to all here: ROYAL RUMBLE ELINATOR 2024

This is the 5th year of Royal Rumble Eliminator Game! Check out last year's winner. Royal Rumble Eliminator Game 2023.

There will be 2 winners. 1 for the Men’s Royal Rumble and 1 for the Women’s Royal Rumble. A record of your win will appear on your DTB Profile.


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