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Milk Carton Report: Where are Big Show and Mark Henry?

Posted by: choke Sep 21, 2012 | 1645 views | 1 comments

In these reports I'll try to do an analysis on some of the WWE Superstars who have not been on in a while, and whether I expect them back soon and what kind of impact they might have if they return.

1)  Where is the Big Show?
Big Show was being pushed as one of the top heels in the WWE leading up to Summerslam in a triple threat against Cena and CM punk where he embarrassingly tapped out AND was pinned when the match was restarted.   Other than potentially hiding from said embarrassment, there has been little to no news about why he's been off TV.  The only relevant information I could find online is that he apparently worked a dark match against John Cena in Australia 3 weeks ago.  

Analysis:  I expect Big Show back any day now.  Hell in a Cell is still a long ways away (37 days) and I can easily see the WWE trying to get him back in the mix before then.  Possibly as some sort of replacement for Cena who updated his own prognosis saying he needs 6-8 weeks for recovery which might make him ineligible for HIAC.   Or how about coming in to cost Ryback his match against Miz and start a feud there?   Possibilities are endless, and I still think he's a good hold unless you have a really good opportunity to grab a solid point getter before he returns

2)  Where is Mark Henry?
Mark Henry has been off of TV since April when CM Punk defeated him to retain the WWE Championship.  He tweeted in May about undergoing surgery and has continued to make his presence known via Twitter and at events like the Olympics which makes him great rumor mill fodder for nearly every PPV or major show the WWE puts on (Raw 1000 anyone?).   There hasn't been any SOLID info on a possible return at all however

Analysis:  As someone who spent almost all last season holding Mark Henry on his league, I would caution anyone who holds onto him for the time being.  Obviously it would pay big dividends if he does show back up at any given moment, but if you have any other options to hold someone who will actually gain points, I would go that route instead.  If you see any sort of signs via Henry's twitter or reputable news sources that he might be returning, he'd definitely be worth picking up.

In the next installment I will cover Kelly Kelly and Evan Bourne


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