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Exclusive Matchmaking Game Play With Other DropTheBelt Members

Posted by: BatRastered Aug 2, 2012 | 21621 views | 0 comments

Joining the DropTheBelt Exclusive Matchmaking Game is super easy. Just follow the steps below and you are on the way to winning your first Fantasy Wrestling League. Good luck and have fun.

Login to and verify your email address. Not a DropTheBelt Member? Sign up is quick and easy. Click here and let’s get started. New Members get 1 free Matchmaking Token.

Join the brand you want to play:

Now it’s time to choose your Team Name. Be creative and make a statement.

Once you receive your Draft Time you are ready to go.

From the My Leagues page you will find your League Home Page listed. Click the link and you will see your Draft Time. Directly under the draft time “Go to draft page” is listed.

If you are unable to draft your team at the scheduled time, DropTheBelt’s Exclusive Draft System allows you to preselect your draft order. You do not have to be available when the draft is LIVE. The auto-draft will choose in the order you have already preselected.

Choose the wrestlers in the order you want to draft them with 1 being the first pick and so on. Place the number in the box to the left of the wrestlers picture then click SAVE to secure your selection.

If you wish to draft your roster LIVE and it is your scheduled Draft Time, you are ready to select your roster.

Once your Draft is complete your league will begin getting points during every show.

Matchmaking leagues start when 4 members have joined. Each team will have 8 wrestlers each. The league will end at the end of the current season.

Good luck with your Fantasy Dynasty and welcome to DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling.

Read more on How To Play DropTheBelt Fantasy Wreslting.

More questions? Check out the DropTheBelt FAQ.

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