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Jinder Injury Update. Crown Jewel Battle Royal for US Title Shot. Submit Pick'em Ticket!

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Draft, Dodge and Dirt. Injury and Rumor Report 10/29/2019

Jinder Mahal

In an interview this week Jinder Mahal was asked when he would return to the ring. He replied “Not until the New Year at the earliest”.

Xavier Woods

Rumor is that Xavier Woods is headed for surgery and could be out for at least a year.

20 Man Battle Royal

A 20 Man Battle Royal was announced for Crown Jewel. The winner will face AJ Styles for the United States Championship.

Added To The WWE DropTheBelt Roster

  • Catalina

Crown Jewel Pick’em Ticket

The Crown Jewel Pick’em Ticket is now LIVE. Pick the winners to win “The Boss” Firefly Funhouse Puppet. Enter your Pick’em Ticket here.

ENTER HERE: Crown Jewel Pick'em Ticket Contest

Trade Window

The DropTheBelt Trade Window will close just before the Crown Jewel Preshow and open up immediately after the scoreboard is finalized.


WWE Injury List

Broken Ankle - Last Match was Sept. 3, 2019

Jeff Hardy
Knee Surgery - Expected return 2020

Jinder Mahal
Knee Injury - Surgery June 28, 2019

Lars Sullivan
Knee Injury - Expected return 2020

Maria Kanellis
Pregnant - Expected return 2020

Mickie James
Knee Injury - Surgery July 16, 2019

Nia Jax
Double Knee Surgery - Surgery April 25, 2019

Neck Surgery - Surgery August 14, 2019

Ruby Riot
Shoulder Surgery - Surgery May 22, 2019

Samoa Joe
Broken Thumb - In Cast October 11, 2019

Sasha Banks
Bruised Tailbone. - Last match was October 6, 2019

Concussion - Last match was April 9, 2019

Xavier Woods
Achillies Injury - October 20, 2019


Randy Orton’s recent social media remarks is rumored as his way to try to position himself for contract negotiations in the near future. He signed a ten year contract back in 2010.

Rumor that Big E and Kofi Kingston will turn Heel very soon. The storyline is supposed to be Kofi Kingston having a breakdown in response to his losing the WWE Championship.


Corey Graves

Corey Graves is debuting his podcast "After The Bell" tomorrow. You can listen live on ApplePodcastsSpotify, and Pandora Music.

John Cena

John Cena is the “64th Man” in a 10 episode audible. It is like TV for your ears. Pre-order now for the November 14th release.

Survivor Series

The Survivor Series Meet & Greet has been announced. Check out all the details here.

Wrestlemania 36

Tickets for Wrestlemania 36 in Tampa Bay, FL will go on sale November 15, 10AM ET. Read more here.

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