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Posted by: goukijones Jul 23, 2019 | 769 views | 24 comments

We are excited to announce that will be switching over to a Monthly Subscription beginning today.  With this announcement comes some exciting news about features soon to be added to  This year we surpassed 15,000 people who have created an account on DropTheBelt.  The WrestleMania 2020 Season will start our 9th year online and scoring fantasy statistics for professional wrestling.

What does this mean for  Earlier this year we began scoring during our draft/off seasons.  This year-round scoring feature will continue and FnJimmy leads the charge on all wrestling statistics.  In addition to this we will be going backwards to begin filling in the blanks of our results page all the way back to the beginning of our site and possibly further into the past.  This will help make our history of WWE statistics more complete.  Outside of the current past 12 months, our history of stats will be Members Only.

The first new feature/game to be added to will be our Pick’em Tickets.  The Pick’em Tickets will be explained in more detail in another post, but basically you will pick the winners of WWE Network/PPV special.  This is seperate from our Fantasy Wrestling game and you will be able to win prizes.  The DTB Pick’em Tickets will be per season and a grand prize winner will be selected at the end of the year.  Our first full year of this will be 2020.

Matchmaking will now be a paid feature.  For matchmaking players, you will now be paired up with other Members.  We hope that with a Members Only queue the matchmaking will have more serious groups.  There will still be a free option for new sign-ups to, a valid email will be required.

Commissioner Leagues are now available in 3 tiers.  Commissioners will be able to invite other users with a valid email to their league.  There is no fee to join a Commissioned League

Included with all of this, everyone who signs up for will get our personal one-on-one support and help request response. Members will also receive an adsense free website on pc and mobile. However everyone will still see our sponsor and affiliate posts.  These posts will not pop-up or impede on your DropTheBelt experience.

All of this is included with the Minimum Membership.  Other tiers offer more Pick’em Tickets and Larger League Caps.  The top 2 tiers come with Special Flair for all your comments on

All current members who have a league will finish out their current subscriptions which they have already paid for.  Then to continue to view your league you will have to become a Member.

Check out the different tiers here.

Some features we’re working on next:

More Mobile Friendly - We intend to make the website more mobile friendly with larger buttons and easier to access screens and menus.

Draft Check-In - This will eliminate people waiting for a timer to tick down before the computer auto-picks if they are not present.  When this is added, you will have to check-in before entering your draft page and begin to draft.

Player-to-Player Trades - This long requested feature is on the way.

Auction Draft - We already offer 2 methods to select wrestlers through a draft and have been discussing an Auction Type Draft system for a third option.

NXT Takeover Turmoil - We have been working on a NXT fantasy game that will take place during live WWE NXT Network Specials/PPV.

AEW Fantasy Wrestling - Yes, we want to do AEW when it begins.  More on this to come down the road.

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone that has been playing along with us all of these years.  We hope for your continued support with our new monthly membership plans.  We’re almost 10 years old and we are planning a complete overhaul and rework of the website for that anniversary. 

Any questions or comments please feel free to post them below and I will respond to my best ability to each and every post.  If you have any questions about your subscriptions or current league status please send a help request.

Thank you to everyone playing Fantasy Wrestling.  Here’s to a brighter future of Fantasy Sports for Professional Wrestling.


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