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Choke's WWE Raw rant and Smackdown Preview 8/12/2013 - 8/16/2013

Posted by: choke Aug 14, 2013 | 1441 views | 3 comments

A review of Raw from Monday and a preview of Smackdown for this Friday (no match result spoilers)

Considering 90% of the matches on Raw were awful and unnecessary, is it weird that I still loved the show overall?   Maybe it was Cena and Bryan giving the best promos I've ever heard from each of them respectively, maybe it was the fact that the Shield went from having nothing to do at Summerslam to all the sudden having all 3 of their belts LEGITIMATELY in jeopardy, or maybe it was the Khali/Nattie vs AJ/Big E match.   Okay it most certainly was not that match.  WTF was that anyway?   Why are two people who dont have a match at Summerslam winning a match against 2 people who have a PPV match on Sunday?   Complete nonsense that one.   At least have Dolph or Kaitlyn cause the loss?!?!?!   I'm confused. (EDIT:  wait Natalya has a match on the PPV doesnt she?   Okay it makes a little more sense I guess.  But why no Bella or Kaityn interference then? okay I'll shut up about this)   The show also ended strongly with the Lesnar/Punk feud stuff.   I went into Raw not looking forward to Summerslam in the LEAST, and now I'm relatively hyped for it.   That's all I can hope for on a go-home Raw.

Now what can we expect from the go-home Smackdown?  (no match result spoilers, just my predictions (which have been awful lately BTW.   My story predictions are decent, my match predictions are terrible.)

1.  Christian vs Damien Sandow:   If this match should accomplish anything it's to set up the potential for Sandow to cash in the briefcase.  Del Rio doesnt have a match on the show so maybe expect him on commentary or to interfere.  Again, if the WWE is smart, they must put the briefcase angle in play here and not just have Cody Rhodes cost Sandow the match.  No one cares about that feud, and this is coming from a guy who legitimately likes their potential.  I'd rather watch Brie vs Natalya than that match.    Anyway, I'll go with schmozz as a result.  If there will be a winner it'll probably be Christian.

2.  Kaitlyn and Natalya vs AJ Lee and Layla:   Toss up.   So much can happen since apparently wins and losses don't matter in the Divas division.  Bellas might interfere to give AJ and Layla the win, Dolph might interfere to give AJ the loss.  I'll go ahead and say Kaitlyn gets the pinfall.  Zero confidence on this one

3.  The Shield vs RVD, Big Show, and Mark Henry:   I like this.   They should definitely have the faces standing tall by the end, either with the Shield retreating or actually taking a loss (which should be a much bigger deal since they never should have lost a month ago or whatever when Cena and two other megafaces steamrolled over them.   Was it Bryan and Orton?   I dont remember anything).   Anyway, I'm guessing Show will get the pinfall to make him seem like the big difference maker.

4.  Jack Swagger vs the Miz:   Why is this match happening?   No one wants to see either of these two doing anything on the final show before a major PPV.   Miz is the host of SS so I'm guessing he'll get a win.   Maybe this will eventually lead to the Real Americans trying to disrupt his hosting duties on Sunday?   Who cares.   Miz will win

5.  Curtis Axel vs Zack Ryder:   LOCK OF THE WEEK.   I dont have to tell you who will win do I?   Then again Axel has nothing to do at the PPV, so maybe they'll give Ryder some fluke win and a title shot on Sunday?   I dont see it.

6.  Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett in a no DQ match:  Bryan's "rematch" for his "loss" on Monday.   the no DQ thing is interesting.   WIll Cena or Orton interfere?   I dont really see how it would make sense for Cena to just run out there, but then again it's hard to believe Smackdown wont end with 2 of the three of Orton, Bryan and Cena or all 3 staring each other down.    I'll say Bryan gets the win, then something something Cena something something Orton, fade to black.


Rising (this is strictly considering that Sunday will be the last shot for points)

1.  Big Show:   Duh.   You gotta roll the dice if he's available since it'll be huge points if he wins the belt
2.  Brie Bella/Natalya:   Gotta imagine they're both available in MANY leagues.   If you have someone on your team who wont be involved in Summerslam, you might as well pick up someone who is
3.  Paul Heyman/Cameron/Naomi/Nikki Bella/Jojo/Eva Marie/HHH:  Worth at least one point (10 for HHH!), with good chances for interference as well.   I mean if you have a guy like SIn Cara or any 3MB members who have little chance to make an appearance, you might as well take what you can get


1.  Curtis Axel:   Something can obviously change with this, especially if Ryder wins on Friday or something weird happens, and maybe he'll interfere in the Punk/Lesnar match, but if none of that happens, your IC champ is getting nada this Sunday, which is ridiculous
2.  Ryback:  One of the bigger point getters this year, also has nothing going on for the big show Sunday.   
3.  The Usos/Fandango/Wade Barrett/Cesaro/Swagger/Tons of Funk/Kofi/etc:       etc, etc, etc

Stay tuned for my Summerslam Preview this weekend!


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